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10 Clothing Hacks Jumia Recommends For You

It’s no longer news that Nigeria’s in a recession. If anything, you shouldn’t be as eager to throw things away at the first sign of tear. Now is the time to be prudent, to make cost-effective decisions.
Based on research done by Jumia Market content team, here are top 10 clothing hacks you need to keep your clothes fresh, clean and fixed. 
1.Cover Sneakers In Baking Soda To Remove Odours The baking soda will soak up any sweat that’s on your shoes. Gross, but true.

2. Use Shaving Foam To Remove Make-Up Stains.
We recommend washing the clothing after you’ve covered it in shaving foam though.
3. Talcum Powder Removes Oil Stains. Apply the talc to the area and leave it over night.

Jumia: 8 Ways To Deal With Sweaty Armpits

It can be very uncomfortable - even agitating - to get dressed, looking all smart and appealing, only for something as little as sweat under your arms to ruin it all. There is something unarguably embarrassing about having the underarm of your dress, blouse or shirt drenched in sweat, and it gets worse if it’s the only sweat-stained part of your clothing. Asides this, there is also the unpleasant odour resulting from such underarm sweating to deal with. It could all be a frustrating experience indeed. Jumia Travel shares 8 ways to help you deal with sweaty armpits and avoid such uncomfortable situations. Use the Appropriate Product for Your Problem You can’t stop your body from perspiring because if your body stopped excreting sweat and toxins through the skin, you would die.

League of Extraordinary Men Presents "The Man and Himself" Workshop in Abuja

The kinds of men who cower and feel intimidated by ladies who are prosperous, famous and intelligent need to be helped.
It is not their fault...our society wired them that way. We tell boys "how can you allow a girl to come first in your class"? so he gets serious inferiority complex from the feeling that because he is a boy, he is also a superior human.
First, boys and men are first human before does not have Male components and women components...No...we all experience same things, and by upbringing we all make choices everyday that either brings us success in life or failure.

Video: How To Earn Respect As a Man

The JennyChisom Show is now in its 3rd episode. Do watch How to Earn Respect as a man and what it means for different people.