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5 Things To Do When Hit With Sudden Stomach Pains

At one point or the other in their daily lives, most people will experience abdominal pains. However, the unfortunate thing is that the pain will most of the time be experienced in situations most are unprepared for. To help prepare for even a hint of this occurrence,Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 things you can do when hit with such unexpected stomach pains. You should however note that, if the pain lasts for more than six hours and continues to worsen, if the pain is experienced immediately after eating, if the pain starts all over and settles in one area of your abdomen, if the pain comes with bleeding, or if it’s accompanied with fever, vomiting, and worsens when you try to move around or touch your stomach, you should immediately call or go and see a doctor. APPLY SOME HEAT If you find yourself suffering from stomach pains, applying some heat to the area can go a long way in relieving the stomach pain. This is because the heat will help to loosen and relax …

7 Ways To Make Interesting Small Talk - Jumia

Small talk, it’s ironic how there’s really nothing ‘small’ about making small talk. It requires a level of intellectual exertion to maintain and keep from becoming boring. A good number of people dread it, but the reality is that it is a skill everyone eventually needs to develop. This is because small talk, to a large extent, is the pillar of social interactions. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 7 ways to help you make interesting small talk.
Make the Person Feel Comfortable Before you initiate small talk with a person(s), make the person(s) feel comfortable. The best way to do this is to have an ‘open stance’, and direct your body towards the person without overdoing or being forceful or stiff about it. Give a friendly greeting, smile and politely introduce yourself to the person.

7 Things You Should Know About Your Dreams - Jumia

Every night we go to sleep and go through different stages of sleep until we sometimes reach the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage when we have the most vivid and memorable dreams, and our brains are the most active when sleeping. Dreams remain much of a mystery, though psychologists and philosophers have tried to explain the reason why we dream. Even with these explanations and scientific studies, the reason we dream is still largely a mystery. However, though we might not know the reason we dream, there are certain facts about dreams you should probably know andJumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 7 of these facts.
Your Mind Can Incorporate External Stimuli into Your Dreams If you are sleeping and music is being played during your sleep, you are more likely to dream of being in a concert or having a ‘music-centric’ dream. The same applies if loud shouts or noises are being made around you during your sleep, you are more likely to have a noisy dream or a dream of being sh…

Overlooking Men Can Actually Worsen Inequality: The Kenyan 'Ngulot' Explains It

I came across a very interesting event that is speaking up for boys and was I elated? Of course...I literally gave a dance that some people all over the world are getting the groove; the groove that we cannot leave boys and men behind while empowering girls and women. Let me not flog the matter, read the report verbatim as published by Shore Line Beacon
Hundreds looked on as proud young men, decked out in crisp uniforms, led their parents onto the campus that will help unlock their future. This January, the Kisaruni group of girls' schools in Kenya's Maasai Mara unveiled its first all-boys high school. After the opening ceremony, village elders christened it with a name. They chose Ngulot, Swahili for "strength." They want their sons to be as strong as their daughters.

On Feminism, Feminists and Jenny Chisom's Ideology

So Boss,

I have been hearing a lot about feminism and especially the hurtful ways some of the conversations around it flow and I got worried and decided to find out exactly what it is. I got quite some education and the fact that there is a bastardised version of it that makes the "Man the problem". Wow!

So I also got a conversation going about "Girl child inheritance" and a lot of men beautifully stated that they will share their properties with both their sons and daughters which was a departure from what we used to have in most parts of Nigeria. I was elated.

Styles of Leadership: Jenny Chisom Speaks at Leaders Forum Abuja

Hello Boss,
This is a late post because it was on Monday, Feb 20, 2017 I facilitated a session at the leadership centre owned by the Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI).  The event was the weekly 90 minutes, Leaders Forum where I taught on the styles of leadership, having been invited a week earlier.
Expanding on the concepts, I focused on the Autocratic, Participative, Transactional, Collaborative and Laissez Faires styles of leadership. It was easy for participants who are drawn from the professional and political fronts to identify their easy-to-swing-to styles with an aim at knowing the pros and cons on the journey to real transformation in our sectors. Enjoy the photo moments.

When Bishop Wayne Malcolm Taught Leadership Development in Abuja: Nation Building Tips For Christians

Hello boss,
I had a long brainstorming session with my fellow Research Advisory Group of Voices 4 Change after which I was to catch up with a Leadership Development session scheduled to take place at my local church, House on the Rock, the Refuge in Abuja. Did it ever see the advert online?
The speaker cum preacher was Bishop Wayne Malcolm of the ICan Network also known as the Entrepreneurs' pastor from the UK. He has preached on Sunday before today on the "Art of Apothecary" also in the same assembly so expectations were high. 
Long story short, I could not attend as immediately I got home, I realised how fagged out I was and the discovery that time was already 5.30pm, same time the meeting was starting also made me rethink (I dislike attending meetings late).

Reforming and Repositioning the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria by Mr. Emmanuel Ibeh Kachikwu

Earlier today, Tuesday Nigeria's Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources Mr. Emmanuel Ibeh Kachikwu gave a keynote address at the Nigeria Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition, 2017 which gave a great insight into the Oil and Gas sector. The presented is here for your reading and possibly studying pleasure. Topic is "Reforming and Repositioning the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria."

Protocol 1. I am honoured to be in your midst today at this Nigeria Oil & Gas Conference and exhibition to make some remarks on “Reforming & Repositioning the Oil & Gas Industry in Nigeria”.
2. The theme of this year’s conference; Journey towards transformation and the title of my speech “Reforming & Repositioning the Oil & Gas Industry in Nigeria” aptly describes Nigeria’s current situation of transiting to the next chapter on the journey to maximizing our resources for the development of our Nation.
3. Today, the Nigerian Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition i…