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Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls Celebrates Women Day with GOTNI and Jenny Chisom Was There

To mark the International women's day yesterday #BeBoldForChange, I joined the team at GOTNI as facilitator to celebrate with the lively girls at the Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls and it was a great time of learning.
From the Ice breaker sessions, to the intros, group work, video learning session that showed the lives of women and girls like Anna Frank the diarist, Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel fashion owner, Zuriel Oduwole, Malala Yousafzai it was an aha moment for the girls as we drew lessons of leadership from them.

Greatest gift For Celebrating Women - Deji Irawo

It has been a special day full of activities and fun! Beautiful messages from all for women! We rock! I thank all men in particular for celebrating us!This is one of the best messages I read today and it is from my mentor, Deji Irawo. He wrote:'In all honesty, one of the greatest gifts we can give women globally is a critical mass of "mature",emotionally intelligent & "responsible" men.If we love our women, we will give them the gift of strong men that love and care for them wholeheartedly & not males who think they are doing them favours." By Deji Irawo

The Man & Himself Workshop Coming To Abuja: Call for Sponsorship

Hello boss,
This is an opportunity for you as we progressively plan to host the first Live Event for men this year in Abuja.

You know that Men gatherings are usually tush, classy and intense, right? So if you are interested in showcasing your products (especially something men would love) or sponsoring the Men-only event, do let me know by calling 08083883395.

Nigerian Men On Heat About Gender Issues - Ugonna Ufere

Hello boss, There's been a literal war on social media over the past few weeks about feminism, men and other issues. Later on, hashtags like #WifeNotCook first propounded by blogger, Noble Igwe in 2016 after his wedding emanated again. Another hashtag purportedly by men surfaced also called #HusbandNotATM and these have been a good opportunity for dialogues, even though a lot of people are being very bitter from their opinions. I am excited it is happening as we keep rethinking age-long held mindsets et al. I stumbled on a post by a reverred Nigerian, Ugonna Ufere and thought to share his thoughts on the need for men to respect women. Read it here verbatim and do let me know what you think.
"Am I just imagining things or are men now feeling

Video: Top 3 Ways To Earn Respect #JennyChisomShow

Yeah boss,
A fresh video dropped on Saturday and it was the concluding part of our "Respect series' for now and focused on why we must give respect to receive, how we must boast in dignity of labour and also honour others. Watch to enjoy.
Do let me know your thoughts in the comments on youtube.
Have a great Monday!