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Video: Things Daughters Wish Their Fathers Knew

This is an expose on some things Daddies can can better to win their daughter before other boys or men tell her. Most daughters will want me to write this to her daddy, so watch.

Soar's Initiated "Ascend Boys' Leadership Conference" to Hold in Lagos After "The Man and Himself"

Nigeria is awake to the need for Men empowerment as well as Boy child empowerment towards a better society.
If you are in Lagos, Nigeria take your boys to this Boys' Conference in Lagos coming up in a few days...they will thank you eternally for it. My mentor Deji Irawo will be speaking, so you know why you cannot deny the cute boys this time out!
Boys aged 11-17 are the ones eligible.
If you are older, then you should be at The Man and Himself workshop tomorrow in Abuja...right?

Minds and Emotions Entrepreneur and Practitioner, Isaac Onoja to Speak at "The Man and Himself" Abuja

Not many people think intangible attributes of human essence like stress, emotional intelligence, anger management and other psychological make up as important. Yet those are the real factors that determine our relationship with ourselves and others which ultimately determine life successes or failures.

Knowing oneself and understanding how to lead life for the most productivity is one of the best meanings that we can give to life.

Nigeria's Self Discovery and Life Clarity Coach, Peterson Adeniyi To Facilitate at "The Man and Himself" Abuja

In Nigeria and across the world, people easily become what society chooses for them and labels them as. This phenomenon is due to the fact that not many people set out to follow their life preferences, passions with a view to understanding their life call and purpose.
But also in Nigeria, there is a Life Clarity coach, called Peterson Adeniyi popularly referred to as a Self-Discovery Expert

My Radio Talk about Men Empowerment; The Man and Himself Abuja Discussions

I just got off the microphone chatting with Ben 200 and Inya Ode of Nigeria Info Fm Abuja talking about Men Empowerment and the effect on society.
It was such a swell time and the comments and calls that came in are really encouraging and truly giving me more life
In the course of our discussion, I said something and thought to share.
Can you Imagine what happens to a baby who is born and he 'decides not to cry at birth because he is a boy' as he is told when he eventually arrives...?

7 Way To Deal With A Hot Car - Jumia

Hot sunny day can make your car feel like an oven on four wheels, especially when you’re just getting into it after it has been parked under the sun for a while. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 7 ways to help you deal with a hot car.
Find Shaded Parking This is an obvious one, nevertheless it’s best to mention it. Try to avoid parking in direct sunlight. Even if you can’t find shaded parking, try parking in place where the concentration of the sun’s hot rays isn’t so intense. You can also open your windows to a width of person’s arms so no one’s arms can get into your car in your absence. You can purchase window vent visors and get them attached to the top of your car’s window. These help to mask the fact that car window is open because of how hard it is to see through them.

Men Have Become The Hunted But Most Are Not Aware: The Man and Himself

It's been a long time that the HUNTER became the HUNTED

Men must know that the days where they pursue girls/ladies/women for love, relationship and the other things are fast going. The girls are desperately on the hunt and most who engage in this, do not even appear to want anything in return....
You have them in different shades:

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Malik Haruna, Renowned Medical Doctor and Sex Therapist Gets Married

Our SocialMedia Doctor and renowned Sex Therapist, Malik walked the aisle with his hearthrob Ojoma Jasmine Odaudu yesterday, April 1. We wish them a Happy Married Life.

See another photo of the couple after the cut...

8 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

We all know Nigeria’s erratic fuel price situation – one moment it’s up and the next it’s down. The current removal of fuel subsidy has helped stabilize the price a bit, but it’s still on the high side compared to the low prices we once enjoyed. At this point, fuel efficient cars are more or less a blessing to Nigerians.Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 8 of the most fuel efficient cars to consider the next time you’re in the car market.
Hyundai Sonata This is a comfortable ride with great rear-seat room. It’s affordable and has a sound and responsive handling. It has an estimated fuel economy rating is within the range of about 8.5 kilometers per liter to about 13.9 Km/L. Toyota Camry

“Collaboration among stakeholders will grow Nigeria’s tourism sector”- Experts

Experts in the travel and tourism industry have stated that cooperation among the major stakeholders in the industry is the panacea for growth. This was stated at the recently concluded Tourism Summit which had the theme “Redefining the Roles of Industry Stakeholders in Shaping the 21st Century Travellers Experience”. The event was put together by Jumia Travel, Nigeria’s leading online travel agency.

Speaking at the event, Ikechi Uko, CEO of Akwaaba International Trade Fair Market said government cannot single-handedly develop the multi-billion dollars industry. He therefore made a call to all stakeholders within the industry to collaborate for the country to attain its goal.

When The British Council Awarded Certificates to 4 Top 10 Nigerian winners of the Commonwealth Classes StoryTelling Competition

I was a visiting blogger at the Commonwealth Short story writing competition award ceremony oragnised by the British Council Abuja on Friday, March 31, 2017. The British Council and the Common wealth secretariat organised an international short story writing  competition based on the theme "Belonging" and they received over 3000 entries from both school children and teachers from Commonwealth countries around the world.