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Video: Do You Believe The Man's Money is "Our" Money?

For some families, the income that comes from the man is the one considered 'family money' for spending but the woman is left to manage her own money the best way she wants and her husband dare not show interest in what ever she earns. I discussed that idea and expect your opinion after watching, Thanks boss.
This my hair eh!!!

6 Important Mindsets You Need To Succeed

Life doesn’t just happen to you unless you let it, and your life will continually feel out of your control because you have chosen to relinquish control. In the end, your life is ultimately your creation and your mindset is the most important tool you need to shape it. Jumia Travel and Jumia Mobile Week share 6 important mindsets you need to succeed. Self-Discovery is a Process Life and living is a journey, therefore understand the process and be patient with it. Don’t be impatient and hurry through the different stages of your life. In the end you will have missed a lot of what you shouldn’t miss and have too many regrets. Be open to explore the unknown and be strong enough to deal with, embrace and learn from surprises and bumps along the way.

Hive Africa Final Day with Obi Brown, Fola Olagunji-David, Emeka Ossai, Nasir Yammama, Ola Brown, Denis Okurmu, Tarinna Olley, Tricia Teague, others

The day started with so much excitement in the air as Denis Okurmu led the Breathing and visualisation exercise..he has so much energy!

Tricia Teague was on hand to share what to expect in the day and asked for the personal experiences of some participants in line with their work...
First person to share was....

Day 3 Photos: How The Hive Africa Global Leaders Program Ended

Over 100 Small Businesses to Participate in 2017 GTBank Food and Drink Fair

More than 100 small businesses in Nigeria’s Food Industry will be provided with free storefronts at the GTBank Food and Drink which holds during the Worker’s Day holiday, on Sunday the 30th of April and Monday the 1st of May, 2017. Organised by foremost African Financial Institution, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, the 2-day event offers small businesses in the Nigerian Food Industry a free and vibrant platform to connect with a wider segment of their target markets as well as experts in their business fields.

The 2016 edition of the GTBank Food and Drink Fair had over 90 exhibitors from the food sector and attracted more than 25,000 guests. The 2017 edition will expand on the favourite features of the previous event, such as MasterClasses led by internationally renowned Chefs and Sales Exhibitions by small businesses. It will also provide new and exciting features such as a Farmers’ Market, where SMEs involved in agriculture will showcase and sell fresh and organic farm products, and a Bakin…

Onyinyechi Ekeh And Her Search For Beauty: The House of Tara TA46 Revolution

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. For me beauty is skin deep and need to be natural and make-up has to give that refined facial look. Working out my preferred natural look with makeup was a big deal as I had to try a lot of cosmetic products in my quest for the best. My face being very supple, I was not going to settle for just any make up brand. Because the Make-up industry is also fast growing, I was quick to remind myself not to be deceived by the big names or subscribe to a product just because my friends used them. What is a make-up brand on my face if I can’t achieve that natural, oil free, radiant yet flawless look? I was resolved. Then I found this 2-in-1 bae- The Powder plus foundation TA46 from House of Tara.

Eureka! The feel is smooth and everything I wanted and I still went to research it. I found out while using this Tara product that all beauty products are not the same in quality. I am inspired that a Make-up industry pioneer and the CEO of House of Tara Inter…