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Single Ladies Conference To Hold In Enugu Courtesy of Mary Chinda's Blog

I have been slated to speak at the First Single Ladies Conference on "Single But Whole" as well as discuss real talk issues during the panel session. I look forward to a great time with the ladies and the men who would be attending. The line of speakers are impressive too.

The Convener of the Conference is a blogger

Deluxe Tricycle: TVS King 4Stroke Petrol Tricycle Launches In Abuja

A new transportation brand TVS King Deluxe Tricycle was launched in a befitting event in Abuja. Our reporter was live at the Hotel Interconect, venue of the event and the who and whos were also in attendance. The tricycle popularly called Keke Napep in Nigeria unveiled a deluxe brand which is an upgrade of the ones in use all over the country before today.

The Tricycle which is made in India has

Terrorism is the Bane of Africa’s Tourism Growth - Report

The 2017 Jumia Travel hospitality report on the African continent has identified terrorism as the biggest bane of the continent’s travel and tourism sector, and countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Egypt are the biggest victims.

According to the report which was presented to the media and major stakeholders in the travel industry recently in Lagos by the managing director of the company, Kushal Dutta, the terrorist attacks in these countries have impacted negatively on their tourism revenue.

Black Tie, Red Carpet Paparazzi, Awards and Fun At the House on The Rock, Abuja The Refuge Awards This Sunday

A lot is about to happen in one night come Sunday, May 28th as House on the Rock, The Refuge in Abuja has announced the need to appreciate her workforce and the young people who make the christian organisation worth while.
The event is an Award ceremony that will appreciate workers in Service teams, Small cell groups, Workers' who embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility at

6 Ways To Respond To Anger

We live in increasingly stressful times with people flaring up over little and trivial things. At this point, it’s fair to say that the knowledge of how to handle anger or angry responses is essential. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 ways to respond to anger. Listen When a person is angry all they really want is to vent their feelings out to someone, howbeit violently. Unfortunately, this zeal to vent falls on those who are at closest proximity to them. One great thing to do is to simply listen to the person express their anger until they calm down or wear themselves out. Simply hear them out. Do Not Analyse Avoid analyzing all you have listened to and avoid responding at the moment. Don’t worry yourself about if you agree or disagree with all that’s being said. Anger is a largely irrational emotion, therefore

Church folks, HIV and God

This church Matter Tire me....
I have a friend who was abused sexually, he became gay and was gay for almost 30years...he had multiple STIs from sleeping with strange men... This my friend is a man not a woman...
In 2013 with multiple sores on his privates, he underwent a series of test and tested positive to HIV too.
He refused the result with faith and abandoned himself to God asking for renewal, healing and total deliverance from gay sex and it's allure.

Abuja Social Media Management Training To Hold On June 28-30; After Owerri, Enugu, Uyo and Portharcourt

Hello boss, The Abuja session of the 5 city training tour is now scheduled to hold on Wednesday June 28 and end on Friday June 30. It would be a great time of learning and equipping for taking up Social media Manager jobs in organisations with vacancies ready for pick up as well as great coaching for entrepreneurs who want to start or enhance their Social media Management business. To register simply send an email "Interested in SSM Course Abuja" to Our parent company Logos Audibles will handle all job placements after the training for immediate successful candidates.

6 Things To Never Have In Your Home

Your home should be your haven, a safe place you can relax, unwind and be at peace. However, to achieve this there are certain things you should get out of your home.Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 things to never bring into your home. Pictures Not just any picture, but pictures of people you don’t really like, pictures of people who hurt you deeply and pictures of those you don’t know at all or those who died tragically. Generally, avoid having pictures of people or events that sadden you, in your home. You would think most people will know this, but most people typically do the opposite and continually deny themselves the opportunity to overcome the bad aura from the past. Old Worn Shoes If they are ripped, worn or no longer in use, you should dump them. There’s no need to have them in your home taking up space that can be used house better things. Besides, you’ll be sparing yourself the unsettling smell of old worn shoe.

5 Lucrative Business Opportunities In Abuja

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the wealthiest cities in Africa; this makes it one of the best places to do business. Aside being one of the wealthiest and fastest growing cities, it’s also one of the safest and most conducive cities for business.Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 lucrative business opportunities for you to take advantage of when in Abuja.
Interior Decoration Interior Decoration is one of the trending business in Abuja mainly because there is a large number of existing hotels, residential buildings, offices and restaurants (and more to be developed) that are ever ready to hire interior decorators to designs their buildings to make it look classy.

Professional Event Planning and Management With Cross The Ts

Cross The T’s Event Offers You Professional, Classic and Outstanding Touch to All Your Events from Concept to Completion.
Cross The T’s is a live event service provider that prides itself with providing fresh, creative and inspirational solutions whilst always offering something a little different to make sure your events always stand out.
Our services are designed to allow you choose how best we can help you stage your event from concept to completion. Our ability to match your needs to our services is what makes Cross the T’s.

Each project is customized and managed irrespective of the size, budget and timeframe with our clients each time on the fore front of our minds. We work in close partnership with them to offer a service that sets new standards each time in the events management industry.

Jenny Chisom Set To Tour 3 Countries After 5 Nigerian cities tours

Since my birth 30something years ago, I've never left Nigeria... not to even Ghana or Niger.

I've had lots of people even invite me and still inviting me to South Africa,  US, UK, Kenya and even my older sister, can't understand why I've not yet visited the family in Italy

But I began this year, resolving to visit 3 countries in 3 continents before December, 2017 and I'm set... It is in this second quarter by God's grace.

Wanna help make it happen - host, plan, facilitate, tour-guide? Hit me up via email, let's do this.

After my Nigerian 5-city tour from Next week till June 21 training Social media managers...then hosting our Men Relationship and Investment Workshop in Abuja on June 25, it will be time...

Visit the previous blog post to know more about the Social media course if you are interested.

#TourMode #IToldYou #BloggerTourist

Social Media Management Course in Abuja, Owerri, Enugu, Uyo and Portharcourt, Nigeria This May

The need for Social media Managers in companies we are affiliated to and for our clients have necessitated this all-important training and we are set for 5 states.
Like you already know Social media is a big sector and those that will profit from it must be trained, and equipped to use it to bring value to organisations and personal brands that need it to advance their cause. Value is what people would pay for. With that consciousness and the fact that organisations keep reaching out to us for Social Media Managers especially in Abuja, we decided to train 5 individuals across 5 cities .

In the course you would learn: