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The Men's Room Radio Show with Onisimi Adada Now Airs on Nigeria Info Abuja

I just discovered that this Radio show known in Lagos is now also airing in Abuja on Nigeria Info 95.1fm.

Yay! By Onimisi Adaba who has added so much value in helping men open up and be supported to be great.

No I haven't met this man yet but I'm so excited. This is just few days after I discovered Justin Baldoni working on a Men TV show also called 'The Men's Room'.


My coach, Ubong King has been interviewed on this Radio show too in Lagos...things are networked, really.

This Men conversation...I love it...
I Revere men
I celebrate you...
Good men make women and children safe and secure.

Nigerian SMEs Rejuvenates At RedStar SME 1000

Determined to rejuvenate and strengthen SMEs in the country while also bridging the logistics gap for SMEs, Red Star Express hosted small start-up owners at the SME 1000 workshop. Tagged ‘Breaking Boundaries, the event was intended to serve as a ground-breaking medium for Red Star Express to bridge the logistics gap faced by SMEs, give them support by sharing insights, information and industry advice as it affects them in relation to the growth of their business. It was also intended to identify business opportunities for the company while helping SMEs expand the SMEs’ reach locally and internationally.

Dear Men, Just Before You Take A Bow - Vivian Iyke-Obi

"I love my wife", "My kids are my bundle of joy"; "My family is my world"... these and more I have heard them say. These people who rock your world, what arrangements have you put in place for them in the event of your sudden exit? "I don't want my wife to work, she should just sit at home and take care of my kids". That is fine but what happens when you suddenly take a bow? Keeping that young woman as a full fledged housewife is not something to be proud of, because she starts loosing touch with her society and her sharp mind begins to go blunt.

A Note To Nigerian Women on Gender, and Masculine Expectations - Eketi Edima Ette

Dear Nigerian woman, If you're in a non marital, romantic relationship and believe it's the man's duty to give you money, please don't ever say you stand for gender equality. You're the entitled result of patriarchy.
If you find yourself saying things like, "a real man should know his duty and be giving me money before I even ask," find a solid bar of some high quality medicated soap and wash the bacterium of entitlement out of your mouth.

Lies, Self deception, Value rot: Let's Cook These Lies, Shall We?

Let's Cook These Lies, Shall We?
So on my 'oyibo men' rant yesterday, I got feedbacks like 'oyibos too cheat ' - of course,; 'blacks can also be faithful' - surely ; "oyibos easily divorce and get on to 2nd, 3rd and even more marriages" -why not?
It brings me to my earlier point....most of us cheat because we lie about everything.
If a marriage or even relationship isn't working they discuss with their partners on why they should end it and move on, but here do we even consider our partners worth telling?

Just a Rant: Why I Will Remain Single Until I Can Marry A White Man - Jenny Chisom

Chai, one guy on facebooke just reminded me what informed my resolve to want to marry an American or European man....(all those waiting for me to marry them, do not be disappointed yet)
When a man (who may not be a christian or religious sef) cheats on his partner over there, It is treated as a big deal because IT IS A BIG DEAL...
Summarily, most of them are faithful compared to here, not because they are afraid of being caught if they do, but because they learnt from childhood and from adults around them how to "say what you mean and mean what you say".
That is one virtue I admire about them - The way they are raised and the family role models they watched...
But here, hmmnn sexual infidelity is even validated by the women being cheated on , and the cheating-women

Excitement, Anticipation As Airtel TVN Season 2 Gets Tougher in Episode 4

Viewers of Nigeria's biggest singing reality show, The Voice Nigeria proudly sponsored by Airtel, continue to express excitement on the array of talents that have performed so far on the on-going Season 2 of the Blind Auditions.

Many are waiting to also see more brilliant performances as the competition get tougher in episode 4.

Be A Man: What Are You Becoming?

If you do not invest in believing in the genius in you and find your life purpose, your wife (if she is able to endure the marriage), may never be able to work in her own life purpose too (because most of the time, you'd be insecure to let be); then the next generation also  - your children, may end up serving their mates and living in mediocrity.

Be the father that inspires.

Whatever you do today, you do for your children.

Decide to BECOME!

Believe. Find you. Develop you. Master you. Leave a good name. Thank me later.

(C) Jenny Chisom