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Music Alert: IYKTaylor, the 17 years Old Artiste in STAY and SHE'S MORE Singles

Here is a 17 years old artiste who totally slays RnB, HipHop and Rap with edifying lyrics and uses real life delights to make good music.

Let him introduce himself:
"I am Joel Dele-Matthews. My stage name is IYKtaylor. I am a kingdom music artiste (singer and song writer). I believe God has called me to use my songs as a tool to change the principles that rule the souls of the natural man by feeding them songs with GOD-guided content . 

I write love songs ,community songs and worship songs. Right now I have more than 20 written songs and 3 produced songs. 

Videos: The Truth About Cheating In Relationships: What The Big Deal is

Happy Groovy Saturday,
What have you been up to boss? At a wedding? Visiting friends? Cooking multiple dishes? Or just curled up in bed?
I just hope you are enjoying your day and the weekend.
Our latest video is now here.  You remember, that my post about feedbacks about cheating and lies in relationship? It inspired this video which is my longest video yet. Hahaha
Enjoy it!

This Spade is Fe(Male) - Why We Must Quit The Gender-Blame-Game

I have said it many times and amplified it on Radio yesterday...thanks to the delectable Kimberly of Nigeria Info FM Abuja and my sweet Willy willy of Wazobia Fm Abuja who made it happen!
We cannot go anywhere with driving Women empowerment by blaming men for the woes.
The cultures, traditions, harsh religious tenets etc that we say put women down and make us less and incapacitated where institutionalised by both men and women, so these men grew up to meet them too and tried to also play by the rules.
If we must dismantle them it has to be with the agreement from dialogue of both gender
Who said the men you blame are not suffering by those cultures that incapacitated women? Don't you know it also put unrealistic expectations on them and thus their dysfunction?
Achieving women empowerment (if at all),

Chris Kwekowe's SlateCube Providing Skill courses and Internship Opportunities For Nigerian Student

Nearly 70% of employers say they would employ only if the job seeker/student has both relevant skills, as well as some work experience. But how do we get experience without experience?

That's why the fastest way to get a job as a student is through Slatecube. We've partnered with some leading schools and organizations across the world to provide world-class skill courses and internship opportunities that lead to employment.

Music Alert: Agu Smith Chukwuebuka releases ONYEOMA; a Gospel single

Agu Smith Chukwuebuka (MR SMITH) is a God chaser, a teacher of the word, a songwriter, praise and worship leader. He was born and raised in Enugu-Ngwo community in Enugu-North L.G.A of Enugu State, Nigeria. There he lived till late 2013 when he moved  Abuja where he currently lives and works.
His debut single titled #Onyeoma (GOOD GOD) is a song born out of deep sense of gratefulness to God for his mighty works and miracles which he said he can only explain with this melodic rhythm. It is just one of a lot more others in his anticipated album (A NEW HEART). Join him to do this praise together. Click HERE to download straight to your device, then enjoy.


Masculine Myths Discussed On Facebook: Why We Must Dismantle Such

So last week, I and my Facebook friends discussed Myths about masculinity. Myths because they are lies and some of these lies create stereotypes that demean most men and make them act violently when they find themselves not in sync with some of the popular myths.

These perspectives have destroyed lots of male, so we discussed it and here is a list of some of the myths:
- Men should not show emotions. It presents them as weaklings.