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Wives, Bread and Marriage Goals - Twitter user @AdeBanqie

Kudos to women who complement their husbands and not whine and hoard as if it's not 'their family' too.

Because for them 'are you not a man? 'you should provide everything' and all such negative mindsets ... And appreciation from a man who truly see's the point...

PS: Lazy guys, this has nothing to do with you. Get off your ass and bring in the bacon...don't expect respect where you do not contribute sacrificially and thus lead.

#maleempowerment #redefiningmasculinity #positivemasculinity

Eke Ukwu Market Demolition and The Enemies of Development -Dominic Barcity

Finally, modernity won the argument in a never-ending desire by man to continuously upgrade and renew his environment. Until last Friday night, Eke-ukwu, which may be described as an ancestral market sat right in the middle of the beautiful city of Owerri, the capital of Imo State in the southeast of Nigeria.

It must be noted that it was the city that caught up with the market and circumscribed it, for it had existed long before Owerri was named capital. But today, the market has become an aberration if not an embarrassment to a fast-growing state capital. And it has been so for about two decades.

September is here!

Happy New month and it's a special month to start all over again especially where you have failed before.
Remember you can be all you want to be if you start working on your dreams today.
Go, win!

More Men Must Be Helped Now for National Development

Babes, Come closer, let me whisper this:
A lot of men didn't grow up truly....they hardly know what they are doing...
Bear with them!
Better still, Leave them to grow up before you start 'wanting them'. Just like you won't pluck unripe fruit to eat, same in this case. It doesn't matter if he is even 45 already.
Forget the age! Let them grow up first.
There is work to be done to help men and boys becoming men. Starting from where parents left off!

Whole men, let's do this together. You need to help a brother
I am #RollingUpMySleeves because it is#TimeToGetDirty

Dear Man, Forgive Her...

Hello boss,

Today is a great day to take your self by surprise...
Let go... Find a new reason to do this... It will save you too...
It will give you a new lease of life...
It will usher you to more beautiful experiences...
What you have been postponing to do, more so because you do not know how to...
Justifiably, internal hurts heal the hardest but...
You gotta Forgive,,,
Forgive any woman who has ever hurt y

10 Interesting Old Age Facts - GeroCare

According to GeroCare, a tech medical subscription service for elderly people in Nigeria these facts are important to note for older people and will help if you are a care giver for an elderly.

1. Farming or Gardening might just save your life. Stay active, exercise lightly, and avoid being sedentary.
2. Cataracts can be treated successfully
3. Your heart is busy
4. Our global population is aging too so you are in good company. LOL

SOBCA Set To Unveil Its E-Learning Platform In Abuja

The Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy (SOBCA) is set to unveil its E-learning online platform at the SOBCAONLINE unveiling event to hold on Monday, 4th September, 2017 at The Barcelona Hotel, Wuse 2 Abuja.

SOBCA is the first regular institution in Africa to have built the capacity to provide recourses and solutions for people dealing with difficult personal problem in almost a decade.  These individuals learn how to govern their emotions using tools of Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence, Fear Mastery, Cultural Intelligence, Core Behavioural Therapy and Mental Health First Aid.
Over the years, SOBCA has worked with thousands of individuals and this led to the creation of the E-learning platform where individuals can acquire the needed tools by learning on their budget, at their pace and within their control.

Airtel Hosts Exclusive Screening of The Voice Nigeria first Live Show in Lagos

Following the successful session of the battle rounds, Airtel Nigeria, sponsor of The Voice Nigeria in partnership with DStv hosted a star-studded executive screening of the first Live Show in Lagos on Sunday, 27th of August, 2017.
The live screening which was anchored by Ozzy Agu, had in attendance season one finalists: Patrick, Cornel, Viveeyan, Chike and Bassey who performed the popular "Till the World Hears Your Voice"; bringing back the memory of the first edition.
The night also saw comedic acts from Funny Bone and Akpororo.

The Live Show commenced with an electrifying performance by #TeamPatoranking's KessyDriz. He performed Tina Tuner's "What Love Got to Do With It."

5 Things To Let Go Of, If You Want To Live Life As A Happy Man

Life and society have a way of making us cling to things that do not matter and keep struggling through life without ever enjoying it. As a man who wants to be the best version of himself and do extraordinary things there are things about our self that you must discover to reach to your deepest happiness and be impactful, healthy and live without dying for nothing.
I tell you the brutal truth, nothing you seek is outside of yourself, and as an extraordinary man, it behooves you to dig within you and mine the resource called YOU that will make life meaningful.
What I am about to tell you will answer your immediate and long term frustrations, that depression

Young Journalists Forum Dialogue on Youths Engagement in Sport at the Embassy of Ecuador

Ecuadorian Embassy and the Young Journalist Forum encouraged youth’s participation in sport – 25 August, 2017

Ambassador said sports unites the people of Ecuador, though sports in Ecuador is not perfect, government gives scholarships to encourage youth’s participation in sports. He further added that there should be a

Video: Male Code For Extraordinary Men

This new week is a good time for reappraisal on the things that has put so much joy in your life then rejoice and repeat them and also time to drop the things that you put on yourself by ignorance. Trust me, you have suffered ignorance of who you are enough! You deserve love, peace, wealth and every good thing as your maker has made available. It's time to ACCESS them...go for it. Start with redefining yourself. Upgrade. I am rooting for you. In this video, I took time to remind you of the Male Code you need to remind yourself of daily on your journey to becoming. WATCH here

Girl Power Vs Male Fail - Sherri Daye Scott

An ex recently told me that, among my many flaws was my belief that, physical feats aside, there is no discernible difference in the capabilities of men and women. To be fair, I considered it a flaw that he did not believe the same.
To my way of thinking, it is completely illogical for a person reared in the age of Margaret Thatcher and MC Lyte to hold on to the fallacy that — matters of anatomy notwithstanding — there is anything a man can do that a woman cannot. Show me a man’s accomplishments, and I’ll raise you a woman who did the same or close to it while “dancing backward in heels.” Whether we want to do those things is a different matter altogether, but the ability is there. Just as the ability for men to cook, clean and care for children is there, too. Much of what we assign to gender roles is a matter of skill and instruction vs. cognitive ability. It is conditioning, which can be undone. Which should be undone if we want to have authentic relationships with one another. Rel…

3,000 Catholic Men Pray For Nigeria - This Day

Over three thousand catholic men from the Lagos Archdiocese gathered at St. Gregory College South West, Ikoyi from August 10th-13th for four days to seek the face of God regarding the situation of Nigeria and its well-being. With the theme of the convention tagged, ‘The master is here waiting for you’ picked from John 7 vs 21, the men came from all the Catholic parishes in Lagos to join their faith together to ask God to have mercy on Nigeria and change the present economy and insecurity situation of the nation. 

Both Men and Women Can Benefit From the Ethos of the Flourish Africa Platform - Alakija

The Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil Ltd., Mrs. Folorunso Alakija has launched ‘Flourish Africa’, a non-profit organisation aimed at creating a global community that encourages and helps women to thrive in all aspects of their lives.   The online-based platform which was launched yesterday, is the first phase of a series of initiatives under the Flourish Africa umbrella, designed for women by women to empower both the young and the old to prosper in all aspects of their lives. 
While Flourish Africa is aimed primarily at women, Mrs. Alakija pointed out that its message could relate to both genders. “I believe both men and women can benefit from the ethos of the Flourish Africa platform”, she noted. Read full gist On THISDAY Newspaper Here

Tigo Ghana CEO, Roshi Motman Receives WomanRising Top Corporate Women Leaders Award

WomanRising, in its pursuit of honouring Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals, has presented a Certificate of Honour to the CEO of Tigo Ghana, Roshi Motman as one of the 2016 Top 50 Corporate Women Leaders in Ghana.
Roshi, who has served as Tigo Ghana CEO for the past 4 years, is currently the longest serving Telco CEO in Ghana and the first woman to also head a Telco company in Ghana. The Award which was presented by COO Alice Larkai and Prince Akpah Head of Research of TANOE,

The Fashion Rising Out of Nigeria in Africa: The EbyZoms Kreations and African Boutique

Fashion in Nigeria and across Africa is evolving and more so becoming sought after because of its uniqueness, finesse and outlook status. One of the newest fashion brands out of Nigeria is the EBYZOMS Kreations which is a offers a plethora of Bespoke Clothing, ready to wear outfits, Varied Fabrics, Jewelries and Fashion Accessories, and Africa Arts and Crafts as well as boasts of a Speed Tailors with deliveries on schedule.

 Situated in the heart of Owerri, Imo State Nigeria and pioneered by a young woman Ebere Uzoma, the EBYZOMS Kreation is spearheading a one stop fashion culture that is taking Africa by storm. Their designs are unique, cut to measure, stylish and bold and cater for 100% fashion taste of both men and women.