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It might surprise you to to know that there are actually ways to start a business with little or no money. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 ways to start a business without money.

Adjust Your Business Model to Demand Fewer Needs If you can start your business as a sole employee please do so, pending when you are able to raise enough money to employ other professionals. Also, save the cost of getting and maintaining an office space by working from home, if having an office space is not vital to getting your business up and running. In addition, try to make your company more service-oriented because this kind of business requires little or no financial investment; all you really need are your skills and you can immediately get started providing these services. When you start getting some money, you can use the extra revenue to then grow and establish your business.
Get Friends and Family to Help Tell your friends, family and even past colleagues about your business a…

6 Helpful Tips For Making Money as a Student

There is a lot students can do to earn an income while actively working to garner their degree qualifications. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 helpful tips for making money as a student.
Do Freelance Writing For Blogs or Businesses
If you’re good at writing, you can consider doing freelance writing for blogs as one way of earning an income as a student. Aside blogs, many businesses are looking for freelance writers to help them meet their writing and content creation needs, so you can take advantage of this and apply for freelance jobs with these businesses.

Consider Doing Online Design Work
For students who consider

Success Africa Tours 7 Regions This Year

Having gained the reputation as the biggest summit for young entrepreneurs and leaders on the continent, SUCCESS AFRICA organisers LEC GROUP has decided to further strengthen the efforts towards transforming lives of several young people who places effort in leadership and entrepreneurship hence the move to expand the roadshow into other regions in Ghana.
In the last 10 years, Success Africa has mobilized efforts as the number one empowerment summit on the African Continent, with main focus of shaping career path of many young people, it also places emphasis on motivation and youth development through it many repute speakers drawn from various industries, who are undoubtedly distinguished as great leaders in their chosen fields.

Enter For The #GhenGhenChallenge by @2Mgtheatre and Win N50, 000

If you have not heard and entered for the #GhenGhenChallenge, this is for you:

There is a 18+ very interesting stage play coming to theatre in Abuja by 2MG Theatre showing at the British Council and it is "Overnight Trial" an adaptation of Aerial Dorfman's "Death and the Maiden".

So it's time to get creative with your phone camera and win N50,000 on Sept 26, 2017!

15th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs Ubong King: a 20 Years Love Affair That Will Inspire Anyone

One of Africa's role model personalities, entrepreneurs, parents and married couple, the Ubong Kings celebrate their 15th Marriage anniversary today.
This Nigerian couple over the years have become a beacon of hope, empowerment and focused-vision because of their lifestyle of success in every area. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ubong King are excited and fulfilled as they mark their 15th anniversary. 
Speaking to JCB at their vacation resort, Mr. King took almost 2 hours to recount their journey through  a 20 year love affair from 1997- 5 years of which was  a grossly thorny experience externally due to family, friends and associates before they were joined as man and wife on September 13, 2002.

Money Mistakes You Must Stop Making

Hello Boss,
I read this even though I cannot tell who the original author is, so I thought to share  because these can save a life, literally.
Money Mistake 1 Never borrow money that accrues interest to start a business (except if you are paying for it through your salary); only borrow to grow your business. This is because business takes a long time to gain ground and begin making profit, yet most loans repayments have to be made within a month of taking the loan or even earlier. Therefore, never borrow money to start a business expecting that the business will generate income to pay back the borrowed money plus the interest.
*Money Mistake 2:* Never spend money you haven't received. Don't even promise someone money based on a promise you have from someone else. If someone tells you: "Ezra, come to my office tomorrow at 9am and pick N3,000"don't go out to buy items on credit based on this promise, with the hope that you will pay off your creditor when the promised mo…