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Tips To Launch a Powerful Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Your Company

Corporate Social Responsibility of your Company Do you want to run your successful business and stay socially active? Do you want to contribute to education, healthcare, environment, ocean cleaning but don’t know how?
Tips To Launch a Powerful Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Your Company
We are living in a world where small companies and big corporations appear and disappear constantly. Today the demand is high, and everyone is trying to get the bigger piece. One of the important things every corporation should remember is a corporate social responsibility. CSR includes every action and code of conduct beyond the laws, trade rules and regulations. What is corporate social responsibility if any laws and regulations do not regulate it? Let's take a closer look at this question.

Creative Art Development: Bending and Bonding Stage Play by Debb Media

Just like the love for cinema was awakened with Nollywood in the last 5 years, stage play has also picked up in Nigeria. Abuja seem to be the hub for varieties and lovely performances for stage plays and spoken word performances too.
So I went to watch the stage play "Bending and Bonding" last weekend (Saturday) and was so impressed. 
#BendingAndBonding is a comic that throws shade on ingenuine women empowerment and has sub themes of trust, status, empowerment, family, friendship, religious deception and is hilariously PG 18. Well acted. Great story line Great lessons

Planning Bloggers Party Abuja: The Goodybag offer

GoodyBags For You!🎒🎒🎒🎒

I can smell Christmas and it also reminds me of our bloggers party which ends the year for us as bloggers in Nigeria.

In 2013, I started organising Bloggers End of Year parties and with the support of hotels and event places like Lamonde hotel, House 43, and Sandralia hotel and many others brands we have hosted CEOs, celebrities, friends and well wishes as bloggers in a yearly exclusive fun filled event since then.