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8 Major Regrets That Most Men Die With - The Be A Man Webinar Debuts

8 Major Regrets That Most Men Die With is the theme of our first in the series of a monthly webinar to be hosted by me.
The Unveiling will hold in our closed Facebook group on Friday, Jan 5.

I have it as an authority that most young men and older boys seek peace and respect for their lives yet live exactly the opposite to achieve personal independence because of wrong role modeling . 

Our judgmental society and ideologies have not helped much, making life issues to be recycled with its dire consequences traversing younger generations unaddressed. 

I have written from observations, surveys and my experience, 8 deep regrets most men die with without telling other men to avoid. 

As a Certified Fear Mastery therapist, I am poised to engage men especially singles not older than 35 and boys 15 years above to face these fears and slay them once and for all. 

I will be baring my heart and sharing with men who want to be better upgrade versions of themselves this fresh year, 2018.

Men in focus are men not older than 35 years and or are single. 

It will be in a closed Facebook group so everyone can follow and discuss evenly.

It's a new You, before it can be a Happy new year, remember. 

Join now by clicking this link ahead of D day 

Your Bae, 
Jenny Chisom