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The "Be A Man Year" Calendar Of The Jenny Chisom Blog Unveiled

Hello boss,

Yes, I know I have been low on the post beat since this January and I apologise. Goodnews is, I am back and bringing you tidings of how this year will look like in frame. LIKE our Facebook page also HERE.

First, I have had to tinker on how best to post only content on Male Empowerment; and I am set since when I announced it. My other development tips will be left out, well I will be sharing them as guest posts on other blogs.

I feel like we need to deepen on the conversation towards helping boys and young men to be all they can be especially break limiting lifestyles and live a fulfilled live free from regrets. That was why the first webinar for the year was about ..."Avoiding regrets", watch the video here. 

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Increasingly in our world, we are experiencing Role switching, and more men feeling dis-empowered in aspects such as finance, self development and even in earning respect as they would want.

I was on the sister sister show on HotFM radio Abuja Nigeria on Thursday, Jan 18, 2018, and a man called him to ask "Why do some ladies feel they are smarter than their husbands or boyfriends". Now, that is a serious challenge asked in a harmless points to certain insecurities, for instance that comes from the wrong programming most men grew up with; the thought that masculinity means all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, bossy, and show-no-vulnerability.

This wrong programming is the reason most men are constantly being challenged by the 21st century girl and woman who are empowered, educated and expressive. Not being able to deal with it is what is leading to 'demonisation of women and consequently abuse" or the "withdrawal syndrome that has led to most men battling low self esteem and in worst cases decide to 'serve' women and play the 'girl' in a possible relationship"

This is just one scenario.

This dysfunction that leads the male gender to all kinds of vices is also seen in women but we can at least for once help the males. That's where I come in.

My call is Male Empowerment that can help groom men and boys with the right value system and character towards building whole, reliable men in society who can mentor young people and build strong families.

Our world is in dire need of male role models.

We do these through:
- Our monthly "Be a Man" Webinar that holds on Facebook Here. Join the community NOW.

- A Quarterly city live 'men talk' event to foster interaction and deep discussion with Men only.

- Our Annual Real Men summit now rebranded "The Be a Man Summit" in Nigeria and Africa.

- Weekly blog posts here

- Our Father-the-boy School Outreach, kicking off soon (To volunteer as a man mentor, click here let us chat)

To donate towards any of these events for 2018, and become one of our quoted partners, kindly pay to :

Logos Audibles Enterprises
Diamond Bank 

Then send your Name, Email address and Payment notification to us on Whatsapp HERE

To speak with me or get into my one on one coaching programmes on Dating, or Being Your Upgrade Version, simply dial +2348038994417

For this blog, we would be adding more men perspectives like dating, fashion, games and more...I am really excited and need you on this journey.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Jenny Chisom
The Guys' bae