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Tom Hanks, Other Men Spotted On Red Carpet With The TimesUp Lapel Pins In Support of Women

I love the fact that modern men are so willing to learn, cooperate and be better than men in past ages. I read this news and it was so heartwarming to know  "The Discreet Yet Powerful Way Men Have Been Supporting Women on the Red Carpet"

Can you spot Tom Hanks' vintage lapel pin with the TimesUp mantra?

The TimesUp is a new move that emanated from the #MeToo saga which was a fallout of women calling out men who sexually harassed and assaulted them especially in workplaces.

It takes an empowered man to empower a woman, and this is part of why I strongly hold that empowering women without men is an exercise in futility.

Read how Pop Sugar is reporting it.

The past few months have prompted an important conversation about sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood. Since the launch of the Time's Up initiative on Jan. 1, celebrities have showed their support in different ways, from wearing black and swapping spouses for activists on the Golden Globes red carpet, to sporting pins at the SAG Awards and affixing white roses to their outfits at the Grammys. But that's not all.

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