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Watch 8 Things You Should Not Regret As a Man Anymore: The Be A Man Webinar

So boss,

On Friday Jan 5, 2018 at 8pm (Nigerian time) I hosted the BE A MAN Webinar 1.0 finally on the closed facebook group on 8 Regrets Most Men Die with, and How to Avoid Them. I prepared for the event and was in high spirits because it was my first time doing a video while speaking to the extraordinary men in over one year of its existence.

We had a total of 33 new men join the group, making the number  of men in attendance 300 as at that day. More men has since been joining the League of Extraordinary Men group as the effects of the webinar keeps spreading.

Some married men could not sign up and we also had a few women try to sign up to join the group for the webinar but were denied access, howbeit, I am sharing with everyone in his post.

On Feedback from the webinar:

I had Charisma Ifeanyi tell me that it was more than he expected and he thinks I need a larger audience.

Mr. Adedayo, said he was so proud of the content and delivery. He thought I surprised him and asked for the app I used for the live stream as my lighting and audio were great.

You guess I started the show with playing and miming my song of the moment , LIKE YOU by Tatianah Manaois. I love love that song and the singer too.

I have been getting enquiries to join my Dating coaching classes that starts off on Jan 20. To join, do reach out via email or via +2348038994417. My Dating Book is out in April too and I made the announcement in the community during the webinar for the first time.

Now, the webinar is a 56 minutes video time and to watch, CLICK HERE and do let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a great first Monday of 2018.