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12 Codes That Guide Extraordinary Men: Edited by Jenny Chisom

 Hello guys,

We have edited our Men Code slightly to remove every 'negatives' and make it more empowering. This was from my consultation with the CEO of SOBCA, Mr. Sam Obafemi - He loved this totally. 
So the original affirmations made into Audio and Video formats, would also be redone and made available. We hope to make it into hangable and wearable different formats soon to reach as many men and boys as possible.

Read this daily and fast each time to reprogramme your mind to become all that it says about you. This is what guides our men community on Facebook and on Whatsapp, League of Extraordinary Men.
                                 The LExM Code

1. I am a man, made in the image and likeness of God therefore God is my boss.

2. I acknowledge that I am a human spirit, and blessed with a WILL to choose right from wrong but I choose to live right.

3. I wake up each day with a purpose to care for, lead, and inspire people in my immediate environment and also those in the jurisdiction of my life purpose.

4. I am strong, disciplined, rich, and resourceful and in the number of men that fixes society for good.

5. I do all things in moderation because I am a leader committed to being an example at all times.

6. I have a life plan, that guides my choices, goals, jobs, earnings and relationships with others and I commit to it daily, conscious that I am accountable to my boss.

7. I commit (if I choose to marry) to raise a family that will be a solution to our world. I will show them how to earn honest living, live fit and healthy, love God and exude love at all times.

8. I am conscious and, live above the mistakes most Men I watched growing up made, and I commit to mentoring younger men too.

9. I live free from the seduction of Money, Women, Alcohol and Reputation; and free from inordinate pressures, because at all times, I am in charge.

10. I am willing to learn, relearn, and unlearn because I understand that I can always become the best version of me every other day. I am committed to self-development and self-mastery.

11. Life challenges and shortcomings are part of life and living, thus I know that I am complete as a man in all circumstances and whichever way life swings.

12. I am in tune with my emotional core and understand that I deserve love, peace of mind and care. I am emotionally mature and so treat others right.

Edited 12.01am Thursday, February 15, 2018 Abuja, Nigeria
By Jenny Chisom Opara


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