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Fela Durotoye is Empowered To Be President of Nigeria; We Celebrate That

 In my country, Nigeria, young people have always been seen as underdogs when it comes to political performance. At best most of us have believed its okay to 'carry bags' and endure several failed leadership.

Today history was made as Nigeria's foremost motivational speaker, Nation builder and leadership coach, Fela Durotoye declared his intention to contest at the polls for the President of Nigeria.
From the feedback during the live streaming and the anticipation plus pressure on him to run for office, things look positive from our end. Fela is 46 years old and represents the beacon of hope and an inspiration for smart, tested and tried young Nigerians to rise in defence of their national heritage.

Fela receiving the 'go ahead' from party officials flanked by his wife Tara
We celebrate men who dare. We would bring other men based on their intentions here too. Look out for them.