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Leave The Girls Selling Sex and Smash Your Goals: My Instagram Comment Experience


Guys, guys... Come ooo...

I was just scrolling through IG and a married nollywood actor, shared a video how his voice sounds when he wakes up - Very deep.

 As I was busy reading how some people feel he needs to be the next Big brother voice etc... ,  I stumbled on this mischievous comment by a young girl that read "I' d like to wake up beside you someday" 

and I went...

😳 'What? Even in the open' ? In my thoughts. 

I'm sure you already know... Or have seen worse... 

Girls are unleashed on men, undiscerning men,  especially married ones. 

You know I'd always tell you, 'these days you may think you are' 'nailing' the girls but truth is, they tagged you and got you to nail them' then they strike you off their 'wish list'  as Done. And truly you'd be truly DONE. 

Please, I don't want you done... I want you smashing your goals happily and in charge. 

Even if you are not interested in having peace and leaving a good legacy, I suggest, you be a real man and discipline your craving and your idea of fun. 

Any activity that would haunt you,  give you sleepless nights, blackmail you, cause you diseases, or simply put you where you beg an evil person, is not FUN. It's a trap. 

Girls, ladies, who make it seem normal to hoodwink our generation of men... I wish I had a word for you. But I know strong, grounded men and boys are on the rise. 

For men who also play these games... on married women, and undiscerning girls... the world can do better with a better version of you. 

So this is my early itch of the day. 

What do you think?


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