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Male Empowerment Via The Jenny Chisom Blog About To Launch

Hello boss,

Sincerely I know we are ready to kick off this project fully since we started online on October 1, 2016.

This idea and niche was born after a 4 years project-advocacy and training with the “Being a man in Nigeria’ research by the DFID funded Voices4Change and then my encounter with the only Life Purpose Clarity Coach I know, Coach Peterson Adeniyi.

Having run a men group online via Blackberry messenger in 2012 that was so impactful, and growing up as a first child in a family of 4 sons, I knew I had some experience.

The deal was, I have always been burdened by Boys and how they turn to Men to begin to find themselves, - something most girls their age have sometimes had a grasp of.
More so I was moved by the victimised-gender that males have become, where the society (men and women) thinks that to be respected and accepted as a real man, you must meet certain standards which has turned most men to just being useful as long as they work, among other misnomers.

I was determined, having studied the toxic effect of masculinity and how that has also made women think men are enemies, to reach out.

My blog became my tool.

The cause is to help men and boys unlearn toxic masculinity tendencies that would not allow them find peace, tell their truths, find love and live the life they want.

So here is one thing we must do this week.
In the last one year, I have enjoyed working closely with Kenneth Ogbebor, Chris Chukwunyere, Peterson Adeniyi (my purpose coach), Deji Irawo (my men coach), Oscar Ogedegbe (my best friend), Henry Okechukwu, Kevin Fyneface, Charima Ifeanyi, Bernard Onyeka and even more who volunteer selflessly to learn, share and bring a brother along. These men have encouraged me, sponsored our 3 live events, told me ‘this is the way to go’ and looked out for me, after all I am still just a girl. #Smile

Most recently, men like Mr. Enyinnaya Philips and even more men here have joined in this crusade to say ‘the brand of masculinity our culture, religion and upbringing gave us may need a revamp’ choi! Trust me,  that just came out now…hahaha

We want to inaugurate a working team across Nigeria who would be responsible for our events, trainings, Boys Mentorship project and all we need to lift our lives, families and the continent to a higher place as leaders.

We would need a:
Regional Leader each for South South, South West, North East, North Central, North West, South East (6 men)

Then we need functional leaders to be in charge of Admin, Projects, Finance/partnership, and Publicity/Communication (4 Men)

These men will work with me, as bae. Hahaha

My blog is the brand under which this movement is birthed and so is the platform with oversight on the League of Extraordinary Men project and the BE A MAN brand. The parent company is the Logos Audibles.

We would need volunteers for any of these 10 positions. Feel free to contact me privately, as we look forward to a subsequent vision casting to formally lead to the launch of this highly embraced project of inspiring hope in men to unlearn dysfunctions and raising boys that will make society better.

Jenny Chisom