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Married Men Who Live Without Spousal Support; What Single Men Must Learn...

Are you a single man? 

Please come closer, let's rub minds.

I'm so sad.
Sad about certain things we find as normal in relationships and marriages.
Sad about what I just heard this morning....

Have you heard where men die because of keeping secrets that threatened their lives?
I mean, married men who lived as if they are single and alone, so did not benefit from spousal support just because they thought their vows were mere rhymes and they were living out the template of  being Men by some weird society's standards....?

I'm sure you have. 

Such disillusion!

A case in point!
A man locks his phones always,
Never discloses the details of his bank account to his wife,
Not even make her a next of kin, 
then he dies from a bout of coma because his wife was helpless as at time of emergency.

She is equipped with no finance, no knowledge of his friends, no knowledge of even her husband's kind of business, no confidence, nothing... as we see across Africa.

So this man gives up the ghost, because his wife could not pay for hospital bill to access healthcare. Meanwhile he died leaving millions of naira in his account....

Also left a wife and children bereft of love, and hope....

I shudder to hear these things like I just heard. And I wonder...

Who bewitched us!

Young men, being a great guy demands that you marry who you can trust and who you can be vulnerable with.

Do not marry a lady, other people think is cool for you.
Let no one even use his or her 'anointing' to select a wife for you, if you cannot relate with her and be best friends with her.

Also you must mature to understand that what you hide, you dig your 'grave' by.

Empowering your wife alongside yourself is your best bet.

Like a man who testified in celebration of his 42nd wedding anniversary in my church last Sunday said... 'the secret of a happy marriage is to have no secrets'.

Ignore what older men with wrong values do and advise. You owe yourself to be a positive force and to leave a legacy that will open doors for your generations unborn.

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