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Men Alone Webinar "Be a Man" 2.0 Is Here

It’s Monday boss,

Like I have always known, my coach Andrew Ferebee says that:

A man is not defined by his words, or his thoughts - a man is defined by his actions”.

(Read it again slowly) Hahahahahaha…. It hit me too. I love Andrew. He continues to say...

What you do in the next minute... the next hour... the next day...

What you do will define the rest of your life.

The person you become depends on the choices you make, YOU create your own future.

There is one version where you choose to move forward on your own... stumbling along and learning as you go.

Using his voice, I like to say that:

There is another version of you where you choose to join over 300 other men who are committed to mastering the challenges of life, work and women.

Taking advantage of the ground breaking knowledge and training that is right here in front of you.

The version of you that wakes up tomorrow morning – that version is up to you.

You decide.

Now, if you don't take action then nothing will change and years will go by and you will find yourself in the same position personally and financially 10 years from now. 

Your relationships, health, wealth and life all the same...

Now, I'm asking you to join our BE A MAN webinar on Wednesday Feb 21, at 9pm

Join the League of Extraordinary Men LExM on Facebook as we look at “How to be Alive To The Life You want in 2018 and Beyond”

The January Edition was not miss this.

Once again, click HERE to join the group.

Jenny Chisom