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Jenny Chisom Blog Releases Audio Version of the Male Code Affirmations

Today, has been emotional as the few contacts who we shared this Audio work of the Male Code Redefined, via Whatsapp with reacted in the most amazing way.

Most expressed their appreciation, some other appreciated and gave hints on how it can even be better, and most expressed how it got to their lives' need.

Me Today

Some of the remarks I received today were:

Victor: I love this Jenny, Your works are always well garnished….I love this and love you even more
Ibukun: Very good job. God bless you. Keep soaring girl I am happy for your effort to be better at what you do. It’s an encouragement to men not to relent at their work

Tulari: – So nice to know that we can all gain mastery of our actions. You do know the key…

Jethro Oyalakun: God bless you ma. Thanks. After listening to this, I feel like sharing with all the men on our 7 whatsapp groups. Possibly we will play this at our next men’s rendezvous. Our annual men’s camp meeting.

Chima Igbokwe: Your consistency is amazing. Your hardwork is charming. 

Women were not left out:
Mrs Nnena Kalu sent this message: This is one of the best inspirational tapes I have listened to. Fantastic! You are doing a fantastic job on a lonely path: advising the man from a mother/sister/wife/ and friend perspective. keep it up. ...You should be encouraged. You work hard and come out straight and neat. You are doing well. I am proud of you...

So you see why I am proud to finally release it for your listening?

DOWNLOAD HERE to get it straight on your device (The Men Code - Audio)

CLICK HERE for the Transcript of this Audio