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#ContentMoney Spills Over; Jenny Chisom Teaches Streams of Income from Content

I've been feeling really lazy in the last one week....

I mean like... I should just wake up, listen to music, eat a vegetarian breakfast, go work out, then come back to check my routine emails just to delegate duties not actually get involved in doing them ooo, visit friends and chat long hours without looking at my phones, then eat a sumptuous meal, travel to or explore somewhere new and while at all these, keep scrolling through my phone only when cash deposit alerts hit them. LOL

Chai! Emeka wake me up from this my dream-reality ooo...I chose you on purpose. LOL

So because of that 'just relax' feeling I have been indulging, I have not even told you my 5 states tour stories and the love I got..

Believe me! Awesome people are in this world ooo!

I just, my phone scheduler reminded me that I am supposed to have the online version of #ContentMoney this Wednesday- same workshop I facilitated in the 5 cities.

As in eh! I would have forgotten. Thank God for smart phones ooo, they are real personal assistants.


I just put on my work cap for a while now, especially because I remember that about 4 people in PortHarcourt, Uyo, as well as Calabar sent me inbox messages that they saw the adverts for their city later, so missed the classes.

They are joining the Online class this Wednesday.

So I thought about you!

If you are also seeking to discover how your years of writing, recording videos, blogging, writing books can land you better income, join this class.

Some of these principles has been what I have been earning by without paid advertising yet ooo or even having a launch team...

I began some of them as an almost inexperienced blogger, before realising they are principles that can yield over and over. I have always been a master at following my gut feelings!

Let us talk about it in 2 days. I will show you where your monies are from the content you already have.

Ask people that attended the live workshop like Alexander, and Promise, if the workshop made any sense. When they give you a clue, get your card and punch in N5000 to the bank details on the banner. I will then give you access to the platform, sharp sharp.

Trust me, you can learn a revolution on multiple streams of income with the content you already have. Let me uncover them for you, so you begin your spinning. Competition is allowed. I share even my trade secrets on how I earn via Facebook and weird platforms like Whatsapp, ask them!

This workshop is on Wednesday and Thursday, so now till 2pm on Wednesday are good times to jump in for the class.

Back to lazy mode!
See you in class!

My 5 state tour story is coming soon! a snippet HERE