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Male Support Groups Important, Nigerian Woman Patience Joseph Mamman Writes On Facebook

It's important that in we encourage more support groups for men in our society where they can provide support for each other, this loner syndrome should be discouraged.

Yesterday while gisting with a friend about some of the challenges men face while trying to meet up with family obligations, he narrated a story that moved me so much to write this post.

Now this was a man who was trying his best, taking care of family and all, then life happened and he lost his job. One Sunday morning before he could get up and dress for church, he discovered the wife and kids where no where to be found.

He thought maybe they left early because they were having a program in church. He got to church only to discover they were not there. Panic started, he called wife's line, it rang and rang, no one picked at first. Later she did and told him she had gone back to home to her parents as she would not be able to stay since he could no longer provide for them.

This man went into depression and thought to end it all. The particular day he was to do so, the men's fellowship in his church decided to pay him a visit just before he executed his plans.
It was then he broke down and opened up about what he had experienced and his plan to end his life but for their visit.

Now I know there are many interpretations we may want to give to this story but the bottom line here is that men need more support groups. It's very important that such things be encouraged.

We have too many of them just there carrying burdens  and lashing out on loved ones because we taught them to keep quiet and BE A MAN.

This attitude needs to stop. Men are human beings too and should be able to vent freely. If we will have more sane, calm and great guys, fathers, we will have to bring in this culture.

We have built thousands of groups on how to support women against violent men and all that but how much have we done in setting up groups that consciously teach men how to behave properly and even know how to handle abusive and troublesome women?

 How much do they know on how to resolve conflicts between their mothers, siblings and wives?

How much have we taught them about making plans for their children in case untimely death comes knocking?

Men need support groups too where they can learn virtues that will enhance their lives both as individuals or family people.
Where they can find different help and encouragement to keep fighting.

Let's start creating these groups in every sphere of our existence. Both the married and unmarried need it.

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