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Men as Change Agents in Family Planning; My GIGM journey + Tweet Chat Story

I remember I had gotten an email invitation to be part of the guests on Twitter to discuss this very important topic #NaijaMen4FP on April 5, 2018 from Nigeria Health Watch. It was slated for Wednesday, April 11. 

I was to travel by road to Aba same day of the chat but I braved it, network challenges especially as we traversed Nigerian roads that day.

Time was 3pm to 4pm and we were travelling within the Enugu - Portharcourt expressway at that time when I successfully joined the Twitter chat. Having put off my smart phone for hours to retain battery life since I had no backup and would not usually get a chance to charge a phone in a commercial vehicle, I had managed myself well.

It was the reputable God is Good Motors though and their services are always good. I did not want to ask the possibility of charging a battery and miss the chat anyway.

A few other incidents happened on that trip though, like me vomiting after series of stomach upset and movement trigger but in all, the group chat happened successfully.

I was so glad that the organisations and persons who joined me on that chat with @NigHealthwatch were professionals and they mostly echoed my point.

Usually, I wonder why men are left out on matters that concern them and I have realised that most times men are exempted from 'real responsibility' and that is because we as a people have grown with a vague idea of what gender roles are, due to our culture.

So this topic was and is still so important to me and if you remember Bruno, from my Men community League of Extraordinary Men had written about this issue in 2017. Click HERE if you missed it - Family planning: The problem of the Man.

In my capacity as a Male empowerment advocate and researcher, I am excited to learn as I teach and in all  to see that the male blame-game is discussed from the roots, which is our Value system, parentage, and ultimately How We Do Things - Culture.

Organisations like Society for Family Health, Marie Stopes, ARFH, Slide Safe Nigeria, Education as Vaccine, and professionals like Laz Ude Eze, Bolaji Magaret, amongst others joined me on the chat as Nigeria Health Watch asked us 4 cogent questions. It was on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.

We thrashed it and the chats are a lot of education for everyone. 

Development is only possible when issues are implemented inclusive of Men and Women, even the crusade for Women Empowerment is only possible with more men empowered in their masculinity.

We must redefine masculinity and make it positive.

Read the whole chats in story form HERE