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Why I have been Away and What I am Up to....

Hello boss,

I have been MIA here and do sincerely apologise. I will be back soon on this beat. 

I have been building a certain blog and teaching too. I chose to tour Aba, Owerri, Uyo, Calabar, Portharcourt and Umuahia to teach what I know and have built businesses around.

I look out for people like me because while I was studying in Federal Government Girls' College Calabar in the 90s, I was in 'A class' for 3 years- Pure sciences because of my father even though my best subjects were English and Literature in English. Ouch! So I missed out on honing my life craft. 

Next week I will be in Calabar to share what I have learnt beyond school. (Calabar is Sunday, April 15).

At Imo State University I finally studied my sweetheart course - English and Literary studies. Because no one taught me business at home and in School, I missed out on earning money from editing scripts and writing. I worked for free. And happily too. If you are like I used to be, it is because of you I decided to go to Owerri. (Wednesday April 18)

Being raised in Aba from age 2, I did not even pick up Business acumen like most people would assume due to the fact that my family is bookish. I am visiting Aba to train a few young people who yearn for more like me. (This Wednesday April 11).

My Okon family are the main reason I would be in Uyo for 3 days. We would be celebrating the life and times of our matriarch. But I decided that I must see my Uyo online family. It is because of you I would be spending 4 hours in one of those 3 days which is highly priced family time, to host you at the #ContentMoney (This Friday, April 15)

Umuahia peeps, are still considering whether they want to invest in hosting me and hearing me or no. I hope to visit Umuahia as soon as I get the buzz of interest. 

Have I ever told you that I was born in Port Harcourt before my parents moved to Aba when I was 2 years old? That is one reason I must touch base and connect with my first family city people. (Tuesday, April 17)

That will cap my teaching tour in 2 weeks, this year.
I really need to see you. Let us meet, greet, hug and share.

You must have noticed that I did not write this tour itinerary in order of movement but it begins on April 11 and ends on the 18, 2018. 

Fee to attend is just N5000 (not N25, 000)
You may feel sad when you see our pictures after the event if you miss out oooo.

Thanks to my immediate support base Calabar Blog , EbyZoms Kreations and my companies for supporting and believing in me. I like to be Ajala the traveller. LOL

GOLDEN Opportunity:
One more thing. You have the opportunity to sponsor a city session with me, and then make the event free for young people in your city. 

Aba, Owerri, Calabar, Uyo, Umuahia, and Portharcourt potential sponsors, do reach me please. Let us give to young people and build entrepreneurship skills for online enthusiasts. 

I am a living testimony that it is possible. Help them BECOME too.

To register, or sponsor pay to:
Logos Audibles Enterprises
Diamond bank
or Call me on 08038994417
Thank you!
(c) Jenny Chisom