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African Men are my Focus - Jenny Chisom

I tell stories, coach and build ideas to businesses for a living.

My stories come in form of Brand awareness, Corporate branding, Book development, Website content, brand exposure using events and inspiring hope for human development... My mediums are online majorly and it's been my delight for 9 years.

I started these working on jobs for the first 7 years and then transitioned to a business-owner entrepreneur in the last 24 months.

I have added value to a lot of brands, sponsored many, partnered from my lack and also been paid good money by a few. It's hasn't been easy as I've disappointed some. It's been blood and sweats!

Most of all, my biggest wealth has been the belief people have in me, as most of my jobs have been 85% referrals. You see what I mean?

I have been helped by God through people and gotten to a place where I get million naira worth of stuff without having to pay cash.

I'm turning my business to a referral machine.... in a bit. 😀

My small timid strides have been amplified by our great God. My Church family has been my major grooming ground these 9 years of self awareness...

And now I am just about to get started...

My life purpose is to 'Build a community of male role models for sustainable homes in Africa'... that I am committed to do using all my skills as enumerated above and mediums without boundaries.

Africa is on my mind.

African homes are on my mind

African children are my drive

African Women are my hunch

And African men are my direct focus because they deserve support.

Women and Children will thrive when the men in their lives are whole and empowered.

Life is for the living.  I am not here to just pay bills, eat and conform to rules. God won't forgive me (or you) if I don't do my life work.

 You are in my path and I can't wait to show you what it is that is coming from me.

It's the next phase...

I am done with the old me. So help me God!