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Join the 'Be A Man Movement': A Cool Support community of Men Who Are Alive To Their Dreams

Hello boss,

It has been an eventful week, one that has seemed adventurous yet tough. As always we are all doing life and life is up and down in its beauty. The hope that we can make things happen is consoling beause of the God factor in us.

As I wake up daily and go about life sometimes distracted from this blog, I hear people, men and women crying out for a change. The search light seem to be beamed on men and almost everyone is ready to hear men out, support and encourage them in line with our objective here.

The issue of "It's a men's world" has been largely disempowering in all its forms and grossly peddled wrongly. It has begun to show its frailty as things keep falling apart and we keep experiencing more men and even teenage boys getting high on codeine, giving up on life, committing suicide and more across Africa and in Nigeria.

I was at a Boost Your Business with Facebook training today as facilitated by Samuel of Digivate360 company and when I told the story behind my Male empowerment drive, it was captivating. I had men sign up to be part of this movement too. It was so very exciing for me.

Among the vibes I get from people in line with our objective here are:

- Yes, we have kept quiet for so long and truly cannot continue to deceive ourselves
- Yes, we can do with some heart to heart talk with a woman like you that understands us
- Yes, being a man is completely confusing and we can do with some talk for answers with fellow men
- Women are so complicated , it bothers us
- I have life experiences I have never told anyone, and I am dying to share to help a brother
- Yes, nobody accepts I am first a human being. I am seen as a man first thus must meet certain standards
- No one can see the sadness I am covering up; how come you can see Jenny?

These and more.
I had a meeting with a Nigerian men in his mid 50s who wants to be part of this movement and cried out on stuff in his life that even his wife cannot bother to know. 

There are more silent whimpers from men and boys across the nations, and it is time to hear them, help them and release them to become the better version of their personalities thus contribute better to our world.

The time is here.

To join the BE A MAN movement and stay up to date with resources and events, join HERE  


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