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Lessons For African Men from the Prince Harry and Meagan's Marriage

I'm tired of the #royalwedding gist from Nigerian live feeds!

Everywhere...all I see is

She is 36
She was divorced
She's black
Her mum... Bla bla bla

Can't you see that the game changer is that the man Prince Harry who was obviously not bewitched, had dated before but met this woman 2016 and knew 'that's my jackpot, I'd be fulfilled to have her' 'I see her multiplying my future' then he smartly did the needful despite all else you see and consider?

Its the man!

Why be a Prince but be unhappy... It has nothing to do with being 6th in line and having leverage to marry who he wants.

Like the preacher said 'Two people fell in love, and we all got here' (paraphrase)

More men who know what they want need to rise for Africa to rise.

The trend I see, is more Male fail across the world and the rise and rise of single motherhood, and children without love and no father-rolemodels.

When men are raised to be intimidated, unsure, have double standards, not be humanly objective but flow with crowd mentality, how can we keep sustainable family units?

We hardly know what love is, rather we grow with materialism and survival instincts like one of my readers mentioned too.

So heck no, Harry got the jackpot not Meagan and he knows this.

 A woman who knows her worth is a global resource without limit and smart grounded men do not miss them because they know they can 'husband' them just like everything in their lives.

This kind of man I speak often about is a game-changer anyday... He's not perfect but is responsible for the outcome of his life.

It's about a man each time!

But if a man is unsure of his life goal and can't lead by taking action,  nothing happens especially in the love-relationship-home circus.

The world cries out in pain for men to rise!

 Until then, women and children whimper in pain.

Be you, be true, go for your life fulfillment dear man.

PS: Do not measure your masculinity what you have or do not have. Follow your heart.