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Ryan Allis, Dr. Dada, others speak on the Hive Ideology, Designing the world and the Future of humanity

The day began with the Chairman of Hive Global, Mr. Ryan Allis welcoming all delegates to the program. He shared how Hive began from his personal journey which he was seeking solution for and went on the expatiate on the vision, mission, theory of change at Hive.

In his words, Hive began in Jan 2014 in California and in April 2017, the Hive Africa was born in Abuja, Nigeria headed by Grace Osula and her team. So far, HIVE membership is a whooping 19000 people in 120 countries. His welcome session was very insightful and gave a great background to the day.

Next was the Morning Mindfulness session, directed by Joseph Nwishienyi as a positive energy component to get the day started. Breathing exercises and visualisation is important as maintaining presence is the lifestyle for leaders.

Ryan Allis then took the first session of the day titled Designing our world. In this session , he took participants through the world in relation to human relations drawing attention to how much we can do if we just realised we are human beings bringing solution to the world, and not see ourselves by race, tribe, language, status, religion etc. This session reminds that human rights should be revisited and held sacred as human beings are equal in their circumstances.

MC of the day Tricia Teague

First HIVE TALK was by the CEO of the Federal Medical centre, Ebutte Metta, Lagos, Dr. Dada. His session kicked off the theme of the day which was "The World" as he spoke on a dimension where he asked and answered 13 key global questions. The title of his session was "Future of Humanity" and it was a deeply interactive and reflective session.

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