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When Guys Wanna Talk To Get Ahead; They Talk To Jenny Chisom + Act Now


I had lot of refreshing ideas today just chatting with the thought leader and author Udunma Ikoro. That's the power of like minds.

During our discussion, I shared how fast I want my life to be, and I replayed how many people think I accomplish a lot even when I feel , I am just taking baby steps.

The truth is 'I have always believed that my personality and deepest pursuit are valid without external forces'...this was the vibe I used to disagree with my father quietly until I could study the course of my dreams at the university in the early 2000s.

The same gusto I gathered to come to stay in a new city as a young 20s girl determined not to miss it...

It is the same vibe that has guided me through pioneering amazing projects, coaching hundreds of people, learning voraciously, failing and giving up many times yet helping some people get results in their personal, financial and over all life - perception of who they are.

Something happened to me and I have since mastered the tools and mind tweaks that work.

I have encountered a lot of men who feel stuck in jobs they do not like, cannot make as much money as they need to carry out their plans, feel less as men being funded exclusively by their spouses, have lots of relationship questions left unanswered and especially those with a lot of plans and what-to-dos yet have no plan on how to achieve them.


Time is ticking away!

They do not realise that TIME is unending but LIFE is ending, so as the clock ticks, such lives are winding down without really living.

I am just an ear shot away if any of the above describes your life right now. Let's connect, I can help.

Don't allow fear keep you mute. Well...scratch that, come fearful, I guess you never knew I am a Fear mastery expert too.

Accept my offer now - (the only times I actually have to do the 'toasting'). LOL

Get a free 30 minutes discovery call from me when you fill out this (B.A.M) form HERE

(c) Jenny Chisom
The Guys' Bae


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