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AKACHI: An Advocacy Film Series Set To Redefine Sexual Rights

It was Akachi, that took me on a spiral emotional journey...over a week ago. I remember the painful fear expressed by my friend as we sat and encountered Akachi, whose story was exactly her experience as a growing girl.

The issue of child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, dysfunctional marriage ties enforced by women, Religious fanatism, stigma, Incest, and the damage of an entitled abusive  man were the memories Akachi told me... It shook me to my core.

More like reminded me, and I realized it happens daily, weekly and we sometimes ignore them in pursuit of daily bread.

Society has become toxic for children as their innocence are snatched.  There is so much abuse, with reorientation and punishment for criminals grinding only slowly.

The VAPP bill and it's provision is yet to be enforced all across the country, as more and more children, women, men are undergoing excruciating pain even in their own homes instead of feeling safe.

Akachi - the series, deals on Reproductive health and rights and yes I was glad that the law caught up with the abuser as Series 1 rounded off.

This is a movie on advocacy and is being produced by the Dorathy Njemanze Foundation, and IPAS with the Federal Minister of Health about to launch it.

I was just able to watch it in a private screening because I and my blog are major stakeholders and I encourage you to check it out online as it has also been premiered on June 20 at the Silverbird Galleria.

Solutions and enlightenment through entertainment is the best vehicle of change. I love movies and have said, my next move is also making movies.

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