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How We Met Nollywood Film maker Charles Novia During a Maternity Photo shoot for Sylvia Idika

So I found this picture and remembered the incidents that surrounded it. I also chose to blog it because it is one of such pictures one may have and never really share (if you know what I mean).

Now, the background story was my younger sister was visiting that week (on vacation to Abuja) with her husband and son and of course their baby still in the 'oven' at that time.
Introducing my Sister, Sylvia to Charles Novia 

That week was so fun and I cleared my schedules just to play city tour guide for them and then we thought of having a maternity photo shoot. Trust me, I got the team from Photographer, (of course my in-house photographer Onyebuchi), to the Make up artist, Kelly Edeh, styled her (5 outfits in all) and did the rest with her. By the way, my sister is a fashionista, so she know just what to wear and how to pose in them. 

We had done some shoots at home when we decided to also add an outdoor ambiance photo to the pack, and where else to get just that but the Millennium park Abuja.

As we got to the park and striking poses , I noticed a show going on with young artists, and then discovered it had a backdrop "Teen Africa". That struck me like a known brand and I was thinking I first heard it from my celebrity friend and big brother, Mr. Charles Novia - Nollywood film maker.

We were already rounding off when I spotted him in the group, so I got closer , got his attention, chatted with him, introduced him to my sister (who was awed at meeting him live), then we posed for a final photo.

So you see Onyebuchi was snapping away and caught all the moments.
That was the story !

The pictures from this shoot were amazing. 

The baby in the tummy is now a 7 months old young 'lady'. LOL

Baby Zina (My parents second grand daughter and 11th grand child  out of 12)

PS: Have You noticed my blog has switched to my personal niche and not just male empowerment? Did you also notice the change in template etc? Yea, some things are cooking. Until then, thanks for reading, and do not forget to WORK WITH ME