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When Obiianuju Media's MBCC Academy Held The "Own Your Destiny" Event in Abuja Last Weekend

The MBCC Academy " Own Your Destiny" event has come and gone since after Saturday, June 23, 2018 at IBI centre Abuja but the story of impact just began. The event was organised by the Obiianuju Media company and was focused on teaching benefits of Mindfulness and living the best life.

Beautiful participants and materials at the event .

The event had Happy Devas, HP, as two among the partners amazingly.

Coach Tayo, Obianuju Asika - the convener, and Coach Bashirat Abdulwahab

The event began with a Mindfulness session and using the power of being present and visualisation, it was a great way to start off and sure a great way to live.

I am a serious mindful girl, you see? LOL

Next exercise was to be aware of your seat partner, and connect with them. So I was honoured to have sat beside this great woman, Mrs. Sarah who attended from Jos, and it was a great moment when she mentioned that she is originally from the popular Chibok town in Borno state.


Obianuju Asika 

Jenny chisom: My session was the first and my topic was "Help , I have a man in my life"!
 This session explains the attributes of men and how women can get the support of their partners without giving up on their life goals.

Next was a financial intelligence session by Mr. Shola Ajibade of GTBank and the session was powerful and educative. It shed light on how money works, proper money record keeping and investments from multiple streams of income.

Mrs. Binta spoke about the 'friendly cancer", Cervical cancer. She explained why every women that is sexually active must go get tested - do a Pap smear to prevent deaths that is fast rising from the disease.

Time management was the next session with Mr. Tayo. She explained why women should not waste time in important life as well as how to avoid time stealers inorder to achieve more.

Coach Bashirat's session was electric, detailed and mind blowing. She took participants on a journey of self discovery, purpose, healthy living, self esteem , and sexuality.

A panel session of Questions and Answers was held with all speakers, (apart from Mrs. Binta) and it further shed light on issues raised and other behaviours that needed guidance for participants.

Group photos and gifts closed the event