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I Taught a Thought-leadership Class Again!

During my training session 2 days ago on Content Marketing and Thought leadership on the Digital Skill SMB Track module courtesy of Sanstonz, I saw the class come alive and ask several questions that showed their interest in knowing how to make money, creating and uploading regular Youtube Videos, blogging, or simply doing Instagram shows... and I explained heartily, since I am in the game, 9 years running...

This is the best process to becoming a thought leader - Choose an expertise - Build a platform and grow it - Be a thought leader - Cash out. This may seem easy written here but No, it requires lots of grit, tenacity, clear focus and creativity with lots of man hour investment.

And you can either cash out by landing a mouth watering job as a thought leader - blogger, youtuber, Instagrammer etc, you can make money following a business model, or simply make money both ways.

That exactly is what my first blogging book, after teaching blogging for 5 years is about...

"Blog Your Way To a Dream Job" is the trend from my arsenal of thought leadership. It is me exposing how I worked without ever applying for the jobs, negotiating my own desirable pay and also refusing jobs continually now since I have chosen to be an entrepreneur fully since 2016. I get hurt when content creators say there are no jobs, they work so hard and yet wonder if their case is 'village induced" LOL

You can be the gift for someone else by buying this book for them,so you should PRE-ORDER now while it is still N2, 000. You will simply get the eBook and the Audio version sent to you via email by August 4 when it fully launches. That is why you should PRE-ORDER Now.

Thought leadership is bae!