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This book unveils strategies to getting ahead at  job prospecting leveraging one's blogging influence. It's a creative Job seeker's tool for creating the job he loves.

This book, BLOG YOUR WAY TO A DREAM JOB is all you did not know about cashing out even a choice job because you blog. The author has distilled and frozen into life her experiences from blogging for 9 years, and teaching blogging for 5 years. You will understand why most bloggers are unsuccessful across the world and what you need to do to make your creativity pay off. It goes beyond getting a job to getting the kind of life you deserve.               

Jenny Chisom Opara is one of Africa's pioneer Blogging Coaches through her Login Bloggers Enterprise  project she began in 2013. She has trained hundreds of African bloggers to create blogs, design content, and make money blogging. Since she created her first blog in 2009 while marketing her first business which got her clients beyond her continent, Chisom has not looked back. According to her, "I have a blog about almost every business idea I have but beyond that blogging has been my most profiting profession". She has been able to apply her English language and Literature degree and her certification in Entrepreneurship Management to run a successful business model for her blogs. Chisom uses her blog also as a social cause to advocate the need to empower boys and men alongside females for a safe, stable society.

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THE MEN CODE (eBook and Audio)

This book gift is an experience for Men and Boys, and a compass for living. The singular codes were first made public in July 2017, edited in February 2018 and is now ready as an expansive thought on the 12 codes. It unpacks the 12 affirmations that can guide  men who desire extraordinary results. It comes with case studies and even an Audio book content to listen on the go. This is a daily experience kind of book, and is downloadable on any device.

 About the Book 

This book, MEN CODE- 12 Empowering Affirmations for Living Without Regrets,  is  a lifeline for men, especially Africans who are everyday faced with such abnormal norms that seem difficult to break lose from, in order to live fulfilled happy lives. Jenny dissects and presents a fail-proof value-based approach to conditioning the behaviour of any man who yearns to be an upgrade of the average.

About the Author

Nigerian born blogger, and male empowerment advocate, Jenny Chisom Opara believes in the power of the male and attributes it to the pillar upon which all else thrives. She is passionately building a global community of male role models for sustainable families in Africa, through her online men community. Her passion got her to be part of the research champions and ambassadors for the DFID funded landmark research "Being a Man in Nigeria" through the Voices 4 Change organisation in Nigeria between 2014-2017. As a  blogger, Jenny deploys the power of her online influence to host live events for men and speaks extensively about men empowerment and boys development to women, men and couple groups. She currently lives in Abuja- Nigeria from where she tours the world.

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