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Book Tour Session 1: Met With My First Book fans in Abuja

Jide Akindele, Jenny Chisom and Efe Ujev

So lunch time today, I I hosted my first book tour coaching session with Efe Ujev Of Turiz impressions, a Personal Branding Photographer and Jide Akindele, a digital skills enthusiast and clothing designer. Efe is the first to order my book 'Blog your way to a dream job' while Jide is  the first to buy the book 'MenCode'.

See pictures from our session that took place at the exclusively posh Food Portion fine dinning at House 43 Maitama, Abuja.

It was a great time, defining business goal, social media growth strategy, life motivation, branding and more. We did not want to part after the sessions but had to. Trust Efe to have come along with her camera (typical photographer tins) and made us have this wonderful shoot.

Check them out on Instagram
 @turizimpressions and 

My first Book Ambassadors (Can you see it?)

For you reading who have bought and read my book, do not feel slighted, I just needed to keep memories of this iconic people who just happen to have been firsts. 

I look forward to getting your review on the books and what you have been up to with the ideas and life changing perspectives they offer.

I know I can count on you.

If this is your first time here, I am Jenny Chisom, a blogger who just released her first 2 books. Yay #Excited

The books are in eBook and Audio versions now and you can purchase them HERE, especially if you are a man and you are a creative in search of paid employment.