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Efe Ujev Preordered my Book "Blog Your Way To a Dream Job" First from Nigeria

My books are hot!

The fact that I obeyed God and disciplined myself to write them is just a biiiiiiiig deal. hahaha

Today, while I was teaching "Corporate blogging and how that can increase an organisation's ROI" at the Social Media Job Training, I remembered again why I am so passionate about blogging.

I thought of how the journey of blogging for 9 years in 3 different niches has been.

My best niche is this one (Male support advocacy)...yes ooo.

I recalled how so many people have had their lives changed from listening to me whether formally or informally...

And then remembered that among the people who have followed me for years, is this beautifully intelligent lady Efe Ujev !

Guess what!
She was also the first person to pre order my book "Blog your way to a dream job" and celebrating her is what I am doing right now.

Bloggers who offer value and create radical change with their blog influence are such assets.

Efe is an asset, a creative and a passionate entrepreneur. Join me to crown her queen of my Author's desk domain.

Thank you Efe for believing in my brand.

I cannot wait to hear your testimony after reading the book.

You deserve the accolades!

Note to you!

PS: Pre Orders for either of my books ends this midnight and the cost will no longer be N2, 500 for ebook and Audio for (Men Code), and N2, 000 for eBook and Audio for (Blog your way to a dream job). Cost will be N4, 500 for any of the pair.

You can still pre order before midnight via or just CLICK HERE