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Find Love Again - For Men

We have seen it crumble greatness

It is dealing with millions of men even now ( and guess what, women and children in their lives suffer the brunt)

They have learnt to mask it

But not anymore

What you mask is glaring in the day to day decisions you take and how you react to things

In this case love, relationships, women, your wife, your ex, that girl...


Hurt happens unplanned and shows you have so much love to give.

But you need to channel it rightly...this time intentionally for a love so intense.

When love in a relationship seemly paradoxically hurtful or broken, something happens to the greatness in the king - the man you really are.

All the nights of silent tears, sighs and starring blankly while thinking of the meaning of life because love seems so frustrating...

When you still regret that the marriage did not work...then the pain...the blame...the broken trust and especially when you wish silently that you can be bold to mend it but cannot...

The frustration of thinking of how to understand this woman, this lover you once fell for...

Yet, you cannot open up...or accept the pain..

But as time ticks is oozing out.


You deserve love.
If you do not enjoy a loving relationship in marriage now, when?

Life is for the living and you can handle love this time.

You are about to get the shock of your life at #Flag4Men , which is an exclusive and intimate 7 hour session with coaches, therapists and experts that will blow your mind,

Abuja session hold on September 30, 2018

Registration is N25, 000 via PAYSTACK HERE then send a text to 08038994417.

This session is confidential and is only for men who are seeking love either as:
Physically Challenged or
Mature Single (35 above)

You will have coaching sessions from 4 relationship and life coaches.

One on one therapy sessions

Speed Friending

Community Support


Food and

Lotttttss of laughter

Pay now:
Registration is N25, 000 via PAYSTACK HERE then send a text to 08038994417.

Very few slots are available.

After this session, you can fix your relationship, find you and your love profile, find a lover with ease, not make mistakes with the woman you really want to be with.

It's a money back guarantee.

Will you share with a man who needs it too?