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Job Seekers in Nigeria Need to Read Jenny Chisom's "Blog your way to a dream Job'

Job seeker?

#BlogYourWayToaDreamJob 2.0

Globally, the employment sector is always buzzing. The aspect that gets the most buzz is particularly the unemployment sub-sector. I am sure you agree.

In Africa, that sector is some sort of a celebrity if personified, because political office holders after another use provision of jobs to woo electorates to no end. But without meaning to veer off into politics, I have realised that unemployment is so rampant and brazenly appealing that most people working salary jobs easily sway to the unemployed category at the slightest opportunity. Quite funny.

While that is a sad reality and I would not want to debate on job availability versus unemployability, I would like to state the fact that the industry that currently has lots of vacancies and opportunities is the digital skill sector.

To Be Continued

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