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Men Gotta Flag It: MenCode + #flag4men


This book is setting men free from inferiority complex, confusion at purpose, peer pressure, being broke, competition and relationship crises... Just because it targets the engine room - the mind.

It's a secret code that one man would hardly tell the other... But a woman busted the conspiracy and handed it to men globally. Hahaha

The excitement it gives me is orgasmic.
It's an ebook available here and coming in other formats because every man needs a lifeline.

No more unhappiness and confusion.

Go get your copy now.

In other news, I'm collaborating with therapists, relationships coaches to birth #flag4men in Abuja.

If you are a man in search of love, either as a single, separated, widowed, divorced or 'disabled' man, then #flag4men is for you.

Flag means Find Love Again

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