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Podcast: The Portrait of a Man We Raise But Do Not Want

Many times, people ask me "what drives you to be advocating, supporting and coaching men"...a whole men ooo. lol

Why not women?
Why not single women?
What do you know about men?

Why men?

And in 30 seconds I share some of this and I get them converted. They immediately see the need...

It has been my most rewarding job/calling yet. There is nothing like finding your purpose clearly.

Mine is to fix the collapsing family unit that is affecting the society and my tactic to getting there is ensuring children and young adults get the right role modelling from home, and that is why Men - fathers, and husbands, are my main target.

Our homes...that is the most important!
The ideal leaders of homes are the main deal for Jenny Chisom and the Jenny Chisom Blog.

I have watched the burden children and women have had to bear because of this Portrait we have made of an average boy/man.

I poured out my heart in this 2-part podcast, do download them and listen. Let me know what you think afterwards by dropping a comment on the blog.

I have here, The Portrait of a Man we Raise But Do not want: A Mirror for parenting boys and finding real masculinity.
Click here to listen and download them.