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Divorce and Remarriage Brings Out The Best in You - Facebook Survey Feedback

What are you thinking?

We were colleagues at Lagos Business school, CEM in 2011

He is a Lagos big boy and has a good heart too.

So this conversation ensued...I started it here in writing:
Me: Have you seen a properly divorced couple come back together again, and remarry each other?

Him: Yes

Me: Wow. Good to hear

Him: It brings out the best in you because you don’t want to make the mistakes again. You will live in true love for the rest of your life.

Me: I totally agree

Him: I have been there

Me: Oh wow, really? That’s wonderful. So you are a new man now?. I need some men to hear your story soon. Thanks for sharing boss.

Him: Yes

Me: I’m so happy for you…

This conversation happened for real on my Facebook wall. A feedback that has given me so much joy. More so it validates my work on providing life support for men, for sustainable homes in Africa. Especially the latest one happening in a week's time in Abuja.

I am genuinely in love with Love and happily ever afters…I go out of my way to give listening ear to people who have issues and what I have found out is that most people live their life on a sort of auto-pilot due to a subconscious conditioning from upbringing, society and environment.

To correct any dysfunction and get the best in any area of one’s life, it is best for one to come to consciousness, choose to live according to his inner desires, avoid repeating mistakes that most people make in order to get capacity to live a life of fulfillment and leave a legacy of goodwill.

My heart goes out to men especially those not yet able to communicate, tell their own truth and take life decisions according to what gives them peace.

These principles are very loud in my book #MenCode and as we prepare to finally host 25 men who have gone through divorce or in any love disadvantage, I pray we have success stories just like this conversation that happened here on Facebook.

Yes, not all Divorce should be final if more MEN CAN ARISE!

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