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UPDATE: Why the 'Find Love Again' Will Not Hold This Sunday

So #findloveagain will no longer hold...

Even though we made preparations, hired the hours of experts in relationship and family life and even got a posh venue in Asokoro courtesy of Daniel Rich, we couldn't get anyone who registered.

We have moved it to 2019 and look forward to continuously providing life support for boys, and young men as we see to sustainable and happy homes across Africa.

We are taking these #MenCode brands and events ACROSS Africa soon.

#JCB to men 😘 for homes and grounded children.

#MenCode t-shirts available for order soon. #winks you see what I mean?

Tshirt designer: Olajide Godwin Akindele

To get the shirt email Jenny or call +2348038994417 or drop a comment with your details here