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Mental Health Day: A call to Bloggers, Men and Everyone

Your mental health is who you are. Mental health is of prime importance. Access to mental Healthcare is available too.
Do not shy away from being your best always. May we also not stigmatize people who are mentally ill... And never act like a doctor when you can't help a sufferer..
Refer them to a specialist. I've learnt alot from specialists like Ikenna Anyadike, Mentally Awareng and SOBCAonline on issues of mental health and how to stay mentally fit.
As we mark this day, may we become even better and lead better lives by caring for one another.

As a blogger or online content creator, you have to guard your mental health too especially from impact of online activities and certain content consumed.

As a man, your mental health is important for your life outcome and for the women and children in your purview. Start with detoxifying from wrong ideas about your Masculinity by breaking from from any idea that puts you under pressure. Get on to #themencodelifestyle which the @themencodemovement on Instagram is about.

Like in Timi Dakolo's song 'we are all we have'... let's stay mentally aware and fit.


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