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My Journey With Advocating For Men at @theidealman_in in Abuja

Saturday, October 6 was such a remarkable day for me and the people I met. I was one of the speakers at the event "Our Future Men" by @theidealman_in founded by Ojobo Agbo. It was tagged "The Conversation That No One Is having" and I shared on my "Journey with Advocating for men". 

I spoke about growing up as a girl and the rise and rise of my curiosity about masculinity and why men act the way they do. 

I explained how the mix of growing up as a first child in a family of 8 and also the mix of strict conservative christian beliefs. I even spoke about my near experience of sexual abuse by a relative at age 9.

My lack of experience with Peer pressure and how it never affected me because of my rare wisdom and stability. I explained how I think these shaped my disposition to men and boys especially my initial curiosity that gave gave way to pity then an action disposition towards the male folks. 

I gave a call to the need to drop inhibitions and fears of people that keep people bound from freedom, embracing their story and accessing help when needed. It was a deep brief session and complimented the thoughts shared by other speakers in areas of Mental Health for Boys by Ikenna Anyadike, The men we groom but don't want  by Kevin Fyneface and also How to handle teenage boys by Tejiri Teejay Chunu. 

The ideals around masculinity extends to just letting men be human and not holding them by unattainable standards and shaming them to silence as we have. 

This conversation to Boys development and providing safe spaces for men is something we must scale and enhance to provide life support for the wellbeing of society.

It was a great outing. Thanks to "The Ideal Men team".