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Sex Tools or Macho?

So I found this and it ticked me off as usual...

It got me back to the thoughts that made me write the book #MenCode @themencodemovement which is how 'seemingly weak and without a will and easy to control' most men are perceived to be.

As in, we always and I dare say are almost sure, what we would do Sexually (as women) to get any man (it's not every man oo) to act a certain way.

Such men in pursuit of validation, confusion, and their idea of normal have women constantly  'use' them at will but because they are 'having sex' they think their ego is fed and they are in charge.

Brother, na scam! 😀

Inability to end a relationship and be committed to another irrespective of the 'heads' and 'the I miss you' from old flings or relationships shows weakness and lack of personal leadership. And this is just in one context.

Every human being must find their MOJO, be in control and especially know when to say NO and stick to it. If you don't say more NOs in life than YES, check again... You may not be in charge of your life and the outcomes are frustrating.

Life should be intentional. Exercise your will, your humanity and your choice. Let no substance, person, ideology, dogma or influence keep you in constant darkness. Get on the MenCode lifestyle... Like I learnt this weekend via NLP lingos 'how you do one thing is how you do everything', so if girls have you sorted like you read in this meme, where else in your life is everyone taking advantage of you, and you are 'bleeding? Check..

Only the #GuysBae can tell you... 😀😘👊

PS:If you need someone to talk to without judging you especially on emotional matters, DM or Inbox or cimment and get to read the MenCode book available on this blog.

I don't even talk to men who haven't read that almost free wisdom encapsulated in an ebook first.

And for those wondering why I insist on you reading my book first-it makes our talk and the expert solution I bring for a happy life, easier.

I help men take quality decisions and get their life on a success roll... And be in control.

And for all those who seek help and are on my program already. You are Great men. And no, it's confidential. 👊✌️


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