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Can The Men We Raise In Africa Truly Surrender To God?

We are done celebrating men specially yesterday as we marked the International Men's Day. I was on Radio with other Men and boys development enthusiastics to speak on issues that affect men while celebrating positive male role models.

The above quote lent voice to why I am usually so empathetic and passionate about the welfare of male humans just like I would care for women like me.

The quote about was written by the founder of The Ideal Men movement in Nigeria, Ojobo Agbo and it highlighted my own understanding around the expectations from men especially by women ...

In spirituality and the belief in God, I wrote the thoughts below after reading Ojobo's quote:

Why our 'I want a God fearing man' doesn't exactly work...why we get shocked at them.

How do you raise a male human being not to show emotion, and expect him to still be romantic, cuddle, cry and say 'i love you' everyday?. They can't even say 'God, I love you' most times cos of upbringing programming.

This 'Men thing' I am involved in is deeper than you know.

We know...we are the generation that must empower all humans equally, not leave men and boys out and then complain at how they turn out.

"Men are empowered from birth" is a dysfunctional way to think.

We are all humans trying to figure out life while battling identities and values.

What do you think?


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