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My Rebirth Story

It is 16 days more till my rebirth story...

See ehn...even this morning, in our professional whatsapp group with my university classmates, some of them are yet to believe I am this Jenny I am now, as they cannot easily reconcile the Timid Jenny , the Aba Girl they knew all through school at the Imo State University.

(By the way, Aba rocks)

See, I never attended our class end of year parties in those 4 years, never attended any social gathering, hardly even participated in my matriculation and did not make it for my convocation...Gosh!

I did not have many friends...and did not dress in be fashionable...

I was always broke, fearful and resentful but had a love for reading and learning.

I was intelligent, introspective and inspiring and still am..

But something happened...

I left home...

...survived abuse of all sorts including by so-called relatives, began to see red street mongers in flesh and blood...and yet I held on to a my heart...the picture of me I saw and still see.

I am a multiple award winning blogger in Nigeria's Federal Capital (people have said repeatedly) today...and you get that Abuja is kind of Africa's capital as Nigeria is big brother #grin

Then, something must have happened...

I will be sharing it all at the Abuja event of "The Art and Science of being Seen, Known and Paid" With the enigmatic Emeka Nobis

Slots are almost gone because it is almost a freebie...all you need do is pay N4, 000 to the account on the banner to get a seat then mark your calender for November 24 to attend.



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