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Quotes by Jenny Chisom: On Changing the World - You Can't change the world from hiding

I was training a class of professionals in Portharcourt in April 2018 on "Content Money" when a particular woman opened up on her fears to making videos of herself or posting pictures online, when I first mouthed the words "You can't change the world from hiding".

Prior, to that time I may have said it before but cannot recall as at now but in it is encapsulated my strong belief that we are all born original, custom-made to give something unique to our world and die empty, so having impostor syndrome, playing small, needing validation from other and absolutely feeling insecure about who we are is uncalled for.

Take your shoes, put it on if you will or run without it if it feels more comfortable, and run your race. Stop hiding!

You Can't Change The World From Hiding 

- Jenny Chisom